Discovery/Recovery – Engaging Awareness

- I am told from my energy companions that, at some point, we will shift from learning through reduction to knowing through immersion. – Talking to Nightlights 

Mysteries dot the world in wonder. Numbers cannot capture them all. With every awareness a new mystery is born. Each discovery/recovery leads to greater insight, better questions, more roads to explore. The outcome of all such endeavors and experience via the process changes us, one and ALL, in ways we have yet to connect in this manifest state.

It may be that, in this state, we are designed to be too close to see our own divine unfoldment. However, others in essence form can and they hold space for us and cheer us onward, inward, outward and upward, that one day we might acknowledge them and benefit from the knowing of this intermingling.

Our words for them (the intelligent, non-corporeal, light being, energy, illuminated, essence form others) are simply the best of what we know at this time. Limited in many ways, we are, by the need to assign names, labels, description and definition to things, beings and states of awareness we cannot fully comprehend in this mind state. Yet, the contact is ongoing on multiple levels and it varies as each is engaged at his unique level of awareness.

Through that engagement/entanglement/inter-connection, we can be inspired/prodded to chart new territory, develop other senses of seeing and being that allow enhanced receptivity and engagement beyond knowing. More content, description, explanation will continue to unfold as we continue in our own development and chart the language of light. 

Whatever our situation, given the knowing and not knowing, the day will come when all are adept at allowing the presence of the multidimensional in an overt fashion to facilitate engaging those energies with conscious intent. We call it: Evolution.   

I am told from my energy body friends that, at some point, we will shift from learning by reduction to knowing by immersion. Each has his own path to that end. The trip is in progress. Awaken and be MORE.

The greater reality is calling us home and – no matter what the appearance on the physical plane – we are here in perfect time and we are ready. We have crossed over without knowing, planning, trying, dying or saying. We have crossed over because it is the time for being (here now).

Welcome to the light side. Pay attention. Your intentional creation is in process.

Guidelines? A few: Play fair. Share. Do no harm. (Collaborate.)

Start where you are without remorse or regret. Forgive and let live. No need to hold court for the unillumined past or harbor shame in the fractionalized present. Let go. Disengage. Bless the lesson and the recovery. Move forward. Celebrate the healing tapestry in creation. All the necessary players are here. Discover the power and the enhanced creativity in collaboration.

Allow for a greater good to upgrade at any moment. It does and it will. Above all, appreciate the moment and adore the wonder. You are given a view in singularity to share in communion. Give birth to your Divine Magician. What a wonder you are. For real.

Engage your spark and SOAR!


Now for a mind shift – 

My energy being contact operates with the assist of a Nightlight. I also encounter manifestations in other forms and much of it electrical in nature. What might our non-corporeal counterparts look like? They can take many forms. Is there a conventional way of viewing them? Try this.

Or this. Dorothy Izzat is a woman now in her 80′s (or close to it) who for the past 40 years has been making contact with what she calls “Light Beings” in her home in Canada. She has thousands of hours of 8mm film documentation and countless photographs of these beings.

I don’t post on this blog as often as I do with the others but still check in to see what others are up to. There are so many fascinating perspectives available to us through the views of others. I am sharing a post from one of the blogs I found recently that has plenty of information to explore and great food for thought. Leave him a comment. Enjoy!

Wendy’s Coffeehouse Art at H&R Block Center through Dec. 2011

~ You are Magic. You are Divine. With you, ALL things are possible. ~

Thank you to The Roasterie for hosting my art in September and October! Time flew – I removed that display today. The next venue is already up. Friday, we got everything up at the H&R Block Center in Downtown Kansas City.

Such a cool place. The space is bright and full of light. I chose a mix of pieces. My colorful metal frames were at The Roasterie. These works are not all framed. It’s a bit more informal. I was worried my colors might be too bold or the prints too small but the area works so well .. it gives them room to sing.

Am I gushing? Apparently. Oh well, it sure is nice to have such a great spot to share my colors. I haven’t really had an idea of where my art could go. I just know it is so much fun to create it. I could not have asked for a better way to say “Goodbye” to 2011 and “Hello” to 2012. And … Thank you – to everyone who is helping/inspiring me in bringing it out… :)

… I have so much more I haven’t had time to finish!! 2012 will be a great time to work on adding to the mix.

Wendy’s Coffeehouse Art

11/1/11 Enhanced by Zemanta… today’s note: a sale! ;)  yeah!!

New Year, new views



~ We are all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars. – Oscar Wilde


News flash --

Am still setting up the new schedule for my art coffeehouse showings in 2011 but I just heard back that one space is booked for fall — I am thrilled to be on the list for an art show at H&R Block Center. (Thank you for the referral Paul Dorrell!)

So far, my most frequently commented on pieces are Mod Iris (sold) – Chloe – and The Barn …

Adding more canvas to the mix and experimenting with different media, this is a great time to play with new creations. The inner energy is there and the freedom to explore has never been more welcomed and supported. Thank you to everyone who has shared their insight and encouragement.

The light is on and the colors are fantastic! The greatest gift – I wish I could say it was the outcome – is freedom and the opportunity to create something that inspires the desire to create MORE…

Being in the moment of creation itself is beyond-words, exhilarating. Thank you ~

Now Playing – Conscious Living on Empower Radio

FROM Gregg Braden – “Quantum energy can exist in two very different forms as visible particles or invisible waves.  The energy is still there either way, just making itself known in different forms.

A quantum particle can be in one place only, two places at once, or even in many places simultaneously.  The interesting thing, however, is that no matter how far apart these locations appear to be physically, the particle acts as if it’s still connected.

Quantum particles can communicate with themselves at different points in time.  They’re not limited by the concepts of past, present, and future.  To a quantum particle, this is now and there is here.” – Gregg Braden

WE are quantum beings.

Yes, I have neglected this space because I thought the post on Eldon Taylor spoke volumes on my behalf, but I do need to offer a few new bits of info as my life is shifting and I am adding more venues to share my work.

The most recent addition – Empower Radio is now hosting my talkcasts/interviews. Had a great time with author DJ Machale. After reading his newest launch for a trilogy, I can see why he’s a hit with the young adult demo! He grew up in a haunted house! Sold me!

Free your mind – Eldon Taylor will show you how to disengage from the daily subliminal programming.

 ~ We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive. – Albert Einstein

Eldon Taylor has made a life study of the human mind – with doctoral degrees in psychology and metaphysics. He is a Fellow with the American Psychotherapy Association (APA) and a nondenominational minister. The fascinating part, while completing his education, Eldon was a practicing criminalist for over ten years, conducting and supervising investigations, and testing to detect deception. His earliest work with changing inner beliefs was conducted from this setting, including a double blind study conducted at the Utah State Prison, 1986-87 .

Choices and Illusions was the book that introduced me to Eldon Taylor. I like his newest book even better. Mind Programming: From Persuasion and Brainwashing to Self-Help and Practical Metaphysics is a very good tool to help identify and disengage from the constant cues and subprograms running in our daily lives. It is an encouragement to stop operating our life on autopilot.

One of the amazing things about the spiritual and metaphysical jumpstart I got from my nightlight connection was a very disciplined instruction on how to better connect with my own inner guidance. I had to learn how to reformat my brain harddrive to redirect and channel my conscious awareness to actively filter some of the daily message onslaught and then to shift focus to better engage new abilities and new conscious programming.

There is never a time when the mind is truly off but it can be contained and focused in more productive ways when we identify where our current programs are running amuck.

Paraphrasing from Eldon’s web information – ["We all have dreams, goals and ambitions and most of us know the power of positive thinking. Why then do most of us fail at putting this into effect? While you may know that your thoughts create your reality, what you do not know is the incredible amount of research that has been carried out simply to discover ways to control your every thought and desire.

 Tweaking your psyche has become big business. You may think you're immune, but you are not! Never again will you be able to ignore the truth-your very thoughts are not your own! But what can you do about it?

In Mind Programming, Eldon Taylor not only exposes the massive efforts to program your thinking, he also provides you with all the tools to take back control. Learn how to hypnotize yourself and program your own subconscious. Access your higher self through automatic writing, mind mapping and dowsing. Uncover the truly practical approach to metaphysics that will give you the connection you have been looking for."]

Of the glowing reviews, this one stands out –”Mind Programming” is a masterpiece. Eldon bravely demystifies mental manipulation so you take charge of your thoughts and actions. I highly recommend it. – Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas, Ph.D. – President of the International Hypnosis Federation. -

In Mind Programming: From Persuasion and Brainwashing to Self-Help and Practical Metaphysics, Eldon provides the insight, information, and easy-to-use methods that will empower you to realize the life of your dreams.

If you can’t buy the book just yet, start with the material on his website or on YouTube. The information will at least enlighten you as to options available for shutting off or being more selective in regard to what you choose to fill your IV drip on the daily information glut.

For more information:

With George Noory on Coast to Coast
Eldon talking with Me Conscious Living

Reviews revisited – the work in progress

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“In order to keep anything cultural, logical, or ideological, you have to reinvent the reality of it.” -  Ani Difranco

 In cleaning up the clutter on my computer, I found a review of Talking to Nightlights that I had saved and filed away. Suggestions on how I could better present the topic were late in coming but appreciated none the less.

There is a reason I misfiled this review. To sum up: the reviewer – without mincing words – suggested I cut some of the personal process and tidy up the writing… make it a bit leaner.

I did some mincing on those recommended specifics in this version. :)

So – if the book goes on in another form - I can still do that. No doubt it would improve the selling points and make the message more commercially appealing. I have yet to do that. My experiences and the people who have connected to me as a result of what I shared have given me even more avenues of conscious awakening to explore and assurance that there are others who know exactly what I have undergone as they are having similar experiences in the rocking boat.

So it was what I needed to do at the time. The book is about sharing the very first transitioning steps of a profound, life-changing spiritual metamorphosis.    

As it stands now when you read it, it might be helpful to know that I chose to include some of the personal process in my book because I knew there would be others like me who had not been exposed nor prepared for this kind of metaphysical – supernatural – paranormal event and might appreciate hearing how it can just start…for absolutely no reason… and then shake up the very core of your life foundation.

It would have been better I suppose to have cut the excess description and make a tidier story but this metaphysical, spiritual awakening stuff doesn’t happen neat and tidy. When it happens, the world shifts, reality cracks and you undergo an intense reassessment of consicous awareness … and your mental state.

You begin to reexamine superficial appearances and question all that you encounter. I could not imagine how to make sense of my story without including the process of unfoldment to demonstrate that – no matter who you are or how tight you think your handle is on the “real” world, reality is relative. You will make mistakes and muddle through a few things before you get your bearings.  

Awakening to a world where multidimensional awareness is a part of the daily routine takes a bit of getting used to. I was left with the knowing that the world is multi-layered energetic arena and a much more entertaining place if we can allow for that – even if we can’t comprehend it. We truly exist in a space – in and out of time – and when we are granted more exposure to some of the shamanic realms – wonder unfolds exponentially.

Now here’s the review - mince excised – for your dancing and dining pleasure. 

***Garrett, Wendy – A psychic channels messages from a spirit through a blinking nightlight. ***

[Point of fact. I have had to make peace with the term "psychic" because I had not considered myself in that light. EVER. I go so far as to claim channeling, intuitive and shamanic abilities with a mystical approach. I thought I was telling the story as a Broadcast Journalist who went AWOL and found God... Might be why the reviewer needed to offer a redirect.

I hate to admit being annoyed at being called a psychic but I thought - right out of the chute  - the label misdirected the intent and the direction of the book.]  

TALKING TO NIGHTLIGHTS, Channeling Energy and Awakening for Spiritual Insight
iUniverse (132 pp.) $13.95 paperback
April 25, 2007, ISBN: 978-0-595-41919-7:

In 1997, Garrett, who’d had psychic experiences since childhood but kept them at arms length to maintain a normal daily routine, began the channeling adventure of her life when she discovered that a blinking nightlight conveyed messages from a spirit, whom she called the Energy.

Informed that the Energy watches over and influences humans—Garrett worked with her own spirit guides to learn how to better connect to the Energy and as a result, soon understood the Energy well enough to sit at her computer and allow its messages to flow through her fingers.

A spirit thousands of years old, the Energy spoke of multiple universes and imparted information to help Garrett discover more about her spiritual self and her life connections to those around her. A spiritual Deep Throat, perhaps the most revealing bit the Energy divulged is what Garrett could expect after her death, which she will experience many times before becoming a spirit like the Energy.

Several conversations were developed into discussions about science and metaphysics.
For these, the Energy received help from other spirits, whom Garrett had channeled before. To better understand this information, Garrett studied books by respected physicists like Stephen Hawking, and those titles are included in a recommended reading list.

Eventually, the Energy told the author, she would move on to a higher plane of pure energy and take on a physical form again. The spirit also transmitted positive messages about love and a touching message about the death of the author’s cat.

[True confession... this is where a lot of "helpful suggestions"... were I ended up with one good sentence. The words in bold are original. :) ]

Positive messages about a unique experience of spiritual awakening. 

And so it is.