A World of Wonder – 3 Films plus One to Help you Shift Your Reality

You affect the world by what you browse.” Tim Berners-Lee

We manifest our lives daily. Our thoughts determine what we experience. The attitudes and perceptions constantly shape and mold our view of the world. And that is all done on auto-pilot. To make any significant changes, we have to first become aware of what auto-pilot is for us.  

The ideas and concepts presented in these films/stories encourage us to explore our reality in a new way…take a break from auto-pilot.

 The Wizard of Oz – It was Just a Dream

The Matrix – Virtual Living

What the Bleep – You are the Creator

 The Secret has had extraordinary marketing success. That is a study in itself, but I can’t say it will shift your reality as much as the top three. However, if you are not familiar with the Law of Attraction, The Secret does an entertaining job of spelling it out. What it fails to spell out is the effort and work involved in putting the Law of Attraction into effect.  

Through my experience with my spirit guides, I have learned there is also a Law of Reciprocity. You get what you put out: meaning you really need to know as much about what you are already projecting so that you can shift that to attract what you want. A bit more involved than the movie has time for. Thus, the countless “How to Use the Secret” training programs….. 

As a Man Thinketh is a powerful resource that can provide a foundation for the Law of Attraction. Buy it at Barnes and Noble – or Read it (Free Download) on line. When working to effect change, the first thing to change is you.

 And remember as you browse, you are affected in some fashion by everything you see.


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