Intuitive Living, Harry Potter as Role Model

Disconnected from our Intuitive Sense in Western Society, we are conditioned to believe that mental ability, reason, and logic are the best methods to determine what to do, how to live, who to be. Or – you can’t be a (fill in the blank) musician, artist, rock climber, snow boarder, singer, photographer/anything that brings you joy if you can’t pay the rent. Unfortunately, that wipes out connection to heart and the spirit atrophies. When it does – we are cut off from soul.

Mental Ability is a wonderful asset but it does not always incorporate common sense, nor does it guarantee aptitude for creativity and imagination. As Einstein says,

“Problems cannot be solved

by the same level of

thinking that created them.”

Life offers the opportunity to use all of our sense ability. Intuition and the Inner Sense is our connection to a greater Universal Navigator.

From the guides – in regard to Intuitive Living

It is a matter of talking to those who are in a position to support you. Allow their input but refrain from acting until you are set within yourself. Investigate and continue the process of discovery. There is no way to comprehend a thing you do not know other than to begin to do those things you are drawn to and let it show you the process as you go. The learning is acquired and you continue to evolve.

No one can do it for you, although everyone will have an opinion…you sift through them and add to your own intelligence and ability and go from there. Refinement. It all takes time and effort. It requires feeling your way through the decisions and owning that your emotions may – at times – cloud the process. And you will learn from that too.

Intuitive Living happens one step at a time. The benefit of feeling your way is that when you use your inner sense to navigate, you become very aware of any baggage that starts to gum up the works. As such, you can make ongoing adjustments to lighten the load and enjoy the journey. (We also learn how very important others are in helping us to make our connections.)

For those who need examples or more illustration, the Harry Potter saga spells it out. Fan site. JKRowling site.

Facts create the illusion of walls. To go around the wall we must navigate metaphor, where we are free to explore beyond what we believe to be our potential. No limits. Fantasy and fairy tales can teach us a lot about ourselves. We become more every time we unleash the grip on all that is known — to trip the trigger on imagination. 

 Test your inner ability to navigate and watch it improve. The first step is to trust your need to make mistakes to learn how to listen to your inner self – not your mental processing. 

How can angels fly? No baggage.

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