Intuitive Living – Taking the Plunge

Apparently there is nothing that cannot happen today.  – Mark Twain


What hunch have you had that you have yet to follow up on?

Why the resistance? There is no right or wrong. You are standing in judgment of yourself. So give it a rest and follow the hunch. May not be the end of the trail. Could be that action triggers more actions and then creates results. The hunch is an assist to get you off the mark. But – it can’t force you to move. It is merely incentive. The rest is up to you. You will be as powerful as you allow yourself to be.

Three Resources for Tapping into Intuitive Guidance –

  1. John Holland
  2. Sonia Choquette
  3. The Wisdom of Pranja – Instructions

6 thoughts on “Intuitive Living – Taking the Plunge

  1. Question for you…you seem to have an abundance of resources…do you know any good links or resources for the Language of Birds, (I believe some refer to it as the green language), or other information regarding their behavior, i.e. constantly swooping in front of your car or seemingly flying with you, etc.???

    Many thanks!


  2. I would need more details to identify a specific relation to your situation. Not a good idea here. But I can address it in general – Here is a wonderful link that offers background.
    My own guidance stems from Indigenous teachings that instruct one to identify attributes to read why that bird might make an appearance, and further, what you can learn from it. Each bird has a specific role.
    As an intuitive – I open and wait to get a message from the bird/s. Words, Pictures, feelings, sensations…everything plays. I learn from each one and improve the skill.
    As of this point….I can say the birds are appearing to you because you have an ability to intuit/understand if you so desire to tap into it. The bird is the messenger. You may have to slow down and sit with the specifics of the encounters and draw parallels with life events – It can be a simple message that would be helpful for you to acknowledge rather than a language. Does that help?


  3. Thanks so much for the reply, the article was extremely interesting. How funny you mention slowing down, seems the birds were saying the same thing in order to process the message!


  4. I really enjoyed your article! It’s how I ‘happened’ upon ‘blogging’. I’d heard of blogs, just had never been interested beyond the mere mention of the word. I was intuitively searching for a certain thing, which I certainly did find. At the same time I discovered WordPress, which answered another question I had, tho I hadn’t been thinking about it at the time.

    Now, I’m just simply lazy. I imagine, then flow. The flow will bring to me or me to what ever it is, I have imagined. Like being a leaf floating down a river, knowing the river is going to take me exactly where I’ve imagined it will.


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