Grace on Paws, and the Value of Pet Companions


The wonder of pets is that they tolerate us at all. We as pet companions can be less than appreciative of their special gifts and talents. Demanding, eccentric, domineering, inattentive, disengenuous, manipulative, inconsistent, naive, insecure, ignorant, forgetful, easily distracted, stubborn. That’s us – not them.

Yes, that’s a very long list of negatives. And that is exactly why they are here. Pets, and animals in general, offer opportunities to learn how to be more observant, more aware of self and of other, more accepting, valuing, intuitive, sensitive, observant, trusting, tolerant, engaged, relaxed, and compassionate. Some of us step up to the plate to take on these challenges and others opt out. It is a choice.

Pets do require maintenance…and responsibility. But – ask any pet lover – (you will not get an accurate assessment from one who has never bonded to a pet) pets are windows to the soul. Much like us, they accept a journey and a role in this earth classroom. And if we are lucky, they spend some of their time with us.  From them, we learn more about who we are, and maybe, who we can be.  

If ever we forget how much our transgressions were mitigated by their very presence, we remember when they take their leave and we suffer a deafening black hole of absence.  I have been asked repeatedly to include more information on pets and the special interconnection we have with them. I take my own connections for granted; so I will start by including stories of extraordinary pets – to offer examples of what ordinary pets are capable of as well. Unsung heroes, one and all.

This moment, I say thank you to all my pets; past, present, and future. I can sometimes feel unworthy of their companionship because I know well my faults. No matter that, I always feel grateful. 

Pet Potpouri

  1. Yard Guard Cat
  2. Oscar, the cat who senses death.
  3. Dogs who smell dis-ease.
  4. The value of Microchipping
  5. Chihuahua vs. Rattlesnake
  6. Cat cam – for owners who apparently don’t have a life.  ;  )
  7. Cute Animals
  8. Hemingway Cats – not all fun and games keeping a cat sanctuary. (Be sure to read about the Rooster Catcher.)

“We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.” ~ Immanual Kant

We are wholly exposed to – and through – our pets and all of our animal companions on life’s journey.  And all is a work in progress.


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