Intuiting Animal Speak – Believing is Seeing

“I am open to the guidance of synchronicity, and do not let expectations hinder my path.” – Dalai Lama

Doubt you can hear animals, rocks, plants, and nature creatures? Get over it and you can learn how everything speaks when we are open to receiving the messages. We have become deaf – by social pressure to deny our inner knowing – and by choice when we don’t like what it tells us. 

The Basics. Animals are willing participants – co-conspirators in a sense – in our dance of life and they are not less than we. They are of different spirit energy and differently abled. They do serve. And they teach. As with all else manifesting upon this sphere and in this dimension, we can learn from them. Where to start? Understand the difference between:

  1. projection – expectation
  2. manifestation – creation
  3. intuition – gut hunch
  4. inner/higher knowing – soul guidance
  5. divine guidance – self-explanatory  : ) 

The process of discerning that information may require more time before you can return to working with animals or you can dive in and learn the difference as you go. I suggest forgetting about the pressure of perfection and working through mistakes to provide the roadmap required to better interpret the messages, but that is up to you.

When called upon to provide “psychic” advice for a project, I was asked (by a Hollywood guy with the lure of being featured on a television segment) “Are you ever wrong?” I answered, “Of course.” Does that stop me? No.

I had an uneasy feeling about the target of the show – gave them bits of information they thought I must have acquired in an inappropriate manner. I had no idea how I knew what I “knew.” I also knew that information and that topic didn’t belong on television in the context they wanted to present it, campy, a big boo – a joke. I did not say that to them. This situation was a bit more serious. The area needed cleansed not more disrespect; and by affiliation with that particular project, that is exactly what happened.

None of it got on television nor was it intended to be “broadcast.” Cleansing happened in discrete tandem on the Spirit plane through the presence of the participants. In other words, it happened because we showed up and stood firm in our position on why we each were involved. I was involved to facilitate healing. (And I learned to trust my “knowing.”)

How does Spirit work when humans don’t get it?? Through us. The family brought in a lawyer and asked for a chunk of money. No Show. Cleansing without Circus. A win/win.

Back to intuiting information from animals and pets. Start small.

  1. Ask questions.
  2. Listen for answers.
  3. Look for mental images.
  4. Feel anomalous body sensations.
  5. Pay attention to subsequent messages in material you are presented with in the media, content of written messages and the like. Your message may be one word – or a monologue. Go from there.  

Some won’t talk until you do enough homework that they sense you might understand what they have to say… Ask your questions until you find a willing respondent. Intuiting is not mental. It has nothing to do with what you think or what you logically know. When you are ready… and your energy will shift when you are … you will receive answers. 

 As for the psychic/intuition thing.  The times I am right more than make up for the times I miss. And I LEARN from when I am wrong. I question my frame of mind and the emotion influencing my reaction/action. What influenced that call? I gotta know how it won’t work to figure out how and when it works best for me. Every person is different. That is why it is soooo hard to teach. We can do the exact same thing and achieve entirely different results because of the unique energy signature we generate. In some cases, given the activity, the result of our output is the difference between life and death…  NO Pressure.

 At any rate, when trying to learn to intuit, become familiar with your baggage. The two largest hurdles in that department are Ego and Shadow. They do not go away nor are they non-essential cargo. They are part of the package and require your ability to integrate them to understand how they can reflect upon and influence your actions. That knowing allows you to redirect when necessary. Work? Yes. Worth it? Yes.

The best Five Resources to date on working with Animal Spirit and Intuiting Pets

  1. An Animal Intuitive on Talking with the Animals – Patty Summers
  2. Ted Andrews – Author of Animal Speak – now has a workbook – may offer apprenticeships 
  3.  Medicine Cards – An Oracle to help with Symbols – Jamie Sams
  4. Shamanism – The Masters of working in altered states and other dimensions
  5. Joyce Leake’s Animal University

And now you “know” more. Some of it you actually might “remember.” Share your results with others and we learn new techniques and skill and we understand this is not an odd case, it is part of the package. We are born “KNOWING.” When we are ready to stop rejecting our “self “,  _ that shift I spoke of happens _ a trigger is presented and we REMEMBER. 

Here’s to staying focused that I may recover all I forgot that might help me to learn more now.   


5 thoughts on “Intuiting Animal Speak – Believing is Seeing

  1. Several years ago, I had the most amazing conversation with a Red dragonfly. It went on for about 15 minutes or so as I sat in meditation in my back yard. I’ll never forget the experience. And while I’ve been sensitive to the energy of animals and those messages (as in totems, etc.), I can’t say I’ve engaged anyone in any sort of real conversation since – other than surface niceties 🙂 This article has me ready to go out and talk! Thank you!


  2. Isn’t it amazing? I didn’t realize all the mental yacking I had been doing had listeners. When I finally discovered we could connect – it was beyond liberating – I stopped that goofy chatter and started inquiring and LISTENING…. But there is so little support for this and still a lot of disbelief. So we just keep doing what we do and – as a result of a simple suggestion – I tried it. And now as a result of yours, others will try too. Thank you!!


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