The Energy of Sacred Sound


Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and cannot remain silent.”

Victor Hugo

Joy, Bliss, Beauty, Release, Wonder, Harmony, Peace, Music. 

Sacred sound – Say Om – Sacred tone – Tibetan Bowls 

Food for thought — Spirit and Flesh

Add words and nothing stirs souls the world over like Amazing Grace.

  1. – in Cherokee 
  2. Judy Collins Acapella, Army and Navy Choir Chorus
  3. Nana Mouskouri
  4. – Bagpipes at the top of Half Dome 
  5. – Bagpipes at a Military Funeral 
  6. – and even in a very small dose Aretha carries it home (The CD).

One last song with a unique imprint – IZ left his indelible mark on Over the Rainbow

We are the Dream of Life. We Sing to Embrace it. We Dance to set it free. 


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