When Pets Listen

dsc00096.jpg   Dogs’ lives are too short.  Their only fault, really.  ~Agnes Sligh Turnbull

Gracie and Magic – Best Friends

Here I am trying to explain the basics of charades to help intuit information from pets when I get a reminder that we also have a very real and very literal dialogue with our animal companions. 

I was playing with my Dog, who kept bringing different toys to show off. We had a visiting guest dog I have known for several years who was a wonderful companion to my German Shepherd, Max and is also a buddy of hers. She plays with his toys when we visit his house and he plays with her toys here. Each has a favorite “home” and an “away” toy.

I was half paying attention when I asked him if he could bring me a toy too. I asked him, in the same conversational style that I would use with a human, can you bring me a toy too. I elaborated and said, “You know how Gracie plays with special toys at your house? Can you find a special toy you like when you are here and bring it to me? Can you do that?” I petted him for a bit and then he left and I continued to watch television and play with Gracie.

In a few minutes, he returned…with the one toy that he likes best when he comes to my house. That toy had been hidden away, in reserve, for him. I had not pictured it because I had forgotten all about it. He knew exactly what I meant and followed my instructions so that he and Gracie were now both showing me their favorite toys. I showered him with praise and affection.

Pets are much more in sync than they ever get credit because we cannot explain it, and often times, we just don’t pay close enough attention. His action was a nice reminder to me to always allow them to show me what they can do before I assume they can’t.  

Knowing they hear me loud and clear, I try to think constructive thoughts about them – even when they misbehave – so they understand the behavior is the sticky point. They see pictures in my mind better than my human companions, and for that, I love them regardless. Information can be misleading when our thoughts are muddy. They don’t misinterpret; we miscue.

I also suspect our human companions see more than they let on and more than they realize.  ; ) 


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