The Performance of Your Life

Without interuption – the greatest play we could ever imagine – unfolds daily, right before our eyes. This play is ongoing, contains countless characters, and volumes of script. We toss off lines we were born to deliver – on cue. What we do and what we know – at times – intersect. The show goes on.

This show – was going before we got here and will continue after our exit. While we are here, we can claim a role — not the one assigned at birth…by others who have no idea who we really are… No. The role we can claim is the one we were born to create. Surprise! The assignment served to get us on the stage. It is up to us to live up to our potential. All the while, the play goes on. 

The secret. Inside each and every performer is a magical gift. At any time we can connect with that essence and turn the entire play a new direction. The gift? A spotlight.

Look around. Each is working on his contribution – a tragedy, tragicom, dramedy, comedy. Creating with every breath, you may have an idea of what you would like to offer and how it will add a special flavor. Or not. That is all well and good. But the big question… and the one that determines the quality of your life is…your focuswho do you want to emulate/hang out with?

Those who are focused on dishing up the daily drama and doling out endless bittersweet eulogies…repeated so often they mirror a mantra…or those in endless pursuit of the next punchline. Or you may choose some other great performance not dependent upon a role model. 

Never forget: No matter what the window dressing – or stage decor, and what the roles might appear to be, this is your show. You were born to shine your light.  Where will it be?

Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.” – Jonathan Swift


2 thoughts on “The Performance of Your Life

  1. Very good! Yes, we are players in a wonderful play. The great thing is not only are we the actor, we are also the director and producer. The key is to be aware of all our roles and powers. Tis an amazing play we live each day! There is a star on all of our dressing room doors!


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