Hidden Messages


When we intentionally avoid taking certain actions or steps to move forward, things start slipping through the cracks. Spirit works to show us the results of our attempts to deny or actively delay forward growth. Connections become mangled and hard to understand. Broadcasts are full of static. Water turns muddy. Plumbing becomes plugged up. Items turn up missing. Bottom line: We are not in the flow.

The message is not that we are to retrieve what we lost – rather – that we must move forward to embrace new activities and opportunities. The time is now – to move forward. 

The crutch we usually insist upon dragging along is attachment to the attitude that whatever (material item or manifest identity) we lost is irreplaceable. Absolutely not. We lose opportunities by remaining attached to manifest objects and identities and to our memories and recollections of how those served us (for better or for worse) in the past. Energy becomes stagnate. Growth retards.

To reclaim anything “lost” – energy and action must flow forward to extend beyond the current plane of awareness. There, all that once was hidden/lost, can be revealed (even retrieved) in a new form. The world is not what we think … it is so much more.

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