Renewal and Birth


What do you believe? Reality is a playground to help you believe more of whatever it is that you like, or have a strong tendency to believe. Thoughts determine the flavor of the moment. Focused thoughts determine the manifestation. 

Or maybe a picture can carry the message – Reality is. Water is a carrier. Thoughts are additives, spices, and food coloring. Belief fuels ability. Creativity fuels talent. Imagination fuels miracles. Energy is the wild card. Focused energy can create a mist, a sprinkle, a gentle rain, even a hurricane to deliver those thoughts …. All of that – is you, once you become “self” aware.

As you invest energy into your thoughts, you create your reality and the returns pour in. Fortunately, there will always be plenty to invest. The better we become at fine-tuning the energy behind our thoughts, the more content we will become with the results we haul in, and the less damage control we will have to enact.  — Many happy returns. 

The collective dream (day and night) of creation past – future – and present – is manifesting in the moment. Might suggest a few thoughts are running amuk…

That’s my picture? What is yours?


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