Talking to Nightlights – We ARE the Creator

img023.jpg Know less – BE more.

From the book Talking to Nightlights -Page 68

Journal February 1999 – As I struggle with the scientific information, the Energy gives me a unique explanation as to why we exist.

     The Energy: “The purpose of being in the physical is to experience creation in a controlled environment. As we (all is energy) are made in the image of our creator, so it is our purpose to create. It is a natural outpouring of the energy that defines us.

“In whatever nature we exist, we will discover a way to create. For some, it is thought. Others create through reproduction or physical manipulations. Each dimension requires a different approach to creation, but that is the spark that ignites each. From the tiny particle to the giant atom, each is involved in the effort of creation, as we all are.

“The paradox of the whole thing is that to become the creator, you must first acknowledge your ability to create, and although you are able to create without that awareness, to fully create is not possible without awareness.

“It is a challenge to learn the truth of who you are. It is not enough to say you are God; you must then know how that speaks to the nature of your existence and your nature to create. That is God.”

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