Death is the Grand Illusion

When you breathe, I inhale.   

We do not die. The body is no more. But the “who” of us, the “I Am,” is very much alive.

Not everyone is able to make a connection with loved ones – regardless of how hard they might try. And that is where mediums and sensitives come into play. Lacking access to that resource, sometimes those we care about can manage to pass on a message, or a word or two, through a complete neophyte.

Whatever the method, the result is the same. The connection is a comfort for those left behind. Getting a message is a bit like charades. The best mediums can deliver verbatim … the second best deliver a close translation …. and the rest give it their best effort … It isn’t that they are not talented. Transmitting the stuff can be complicated by language and other personal baggage or emotional issues of the living conduit. A spirit doesn’t suddenly speak Latin if the last incarnation was Native American… So much to explain… so little to really understand.

Loved ones who have transited are with us in spirit more fully than they could ever be in life. It is our own attachment to the physical plane that bars the door to our awareness. So – if you are trying to make a connection or trying to get a sense of what might be trying to get your attention … when rapping on the door, pounding on the floor, turning out the lights, flickering the television, annoying the family pets, creating odd smells, playing with the thermostat and that sort of thing fails to produce relevant content – take time out.

Find quiet space, relax, open your mind – suspend doubt. Listen to the silence, relax some more. Tune in. Say “thank you” for the opportunity to connect. Send your love and feel loved in return… Even if you hear nothing, they hear you.

No promises but … if and when you are open … and if and when you are ready … you will sense a response. Sometimes, the only thing they can say is “Hello.” Or even, “I am here when you need me.”  But when they do more … it is a wonderful thing to sense, feel, and hear.

It has been nice to get reassurance of all that from guides and spirit helpers but it is much better to have the experience first hand. In my case, my significant loved ones have found a way to check in; each in his/her own way, even my pets.

It is enough to assure me that there is no death of the soul. The body is retired and we move on. We change form and continue forward. And if and when we can … we touch base.  

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