We Are the Change Agent

Consciousness is opportunistic – it seeks expression. Where there is a “will” – there is a way in, as “will” is manifest expression.  It is not survival of the fittest. What survives is that which is most environmentally and ecologically adaptable…and why the cockroach is in a less precarious position than the human species.  

As consciousness evolves, it changes everything. The entire spectrum of life shifts and expands at the subparticle level. We are not the only species undergoing a dramatic shift of conscious awareness. All those with whom we share this planet are also undergoing a metamorphosis.  

As one day apes began to speak, so one day far beyond our lifetime other “animals” may began to speak. We are all in process of evolution. The change agent is each and every one of us. Each and every one is representative of conscience, manifest from consciousness. We are part of the greater whole. As are all other beings. As we expand our awareness, so all awareness expands, to infinity – and beyond. ; )  

An example of what happens when consciousness becomes conscience manifest. Blessed Unrest.

3 thoughts on “We Are the Change Agent

  1. This post reminds me that flexibility is more important than strength.

    I remember my mother’s words in response to my headstrong, difficult behavior, “the tree that does not bend to the wind, breaks.”

    Oh and did I ever tell you that I love the new layout? 🙂


  2. Hello Tobeme: Good/Bad. We are locked into both. Shadow must be present or Light does not exist. Ego is our greatest challenge.

    Hi Sibbia – The Willow Tree is a good model for flexibility and bending. I got that – from a Native American Shaman – when I was having a difficult time letting go of some pesky childhood issues. (As an adult of course! Stubborn.) Thank you for the compliment on the site. I needed something less cluttered to clear my thoughts. : )


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