Singing Hymns at the Antique Mall – A ghost in the Treasures

Went with a friend to check out some antique stores. I have to be careful when I go because I don’t always know what to expect. Some places don’t feel quite right. All I can say, is the collection has a certain energy – that energy is usually amplified or mirrored by the person who owns the shop -so it really can be an interesting thing for me to check out the space…in addition to the contents.

This time, I was wandering through the aisles admiring all the little knick-knacks when I heard – “Give me that old time religion”…over and over again in my head….someone was singing to me …???

I said, “I hear you,” and then it said, “I am on the other side.”

That statement could be open to interpretation. So I asked — “You mean Heaven or Hell or something like that? “No – I am on the other side of the (dividing) wall. I hang out here. I will show you when you get here.”

I kept wallking; and when I got to the booth, the woman who was minding the store joined me and asked if I needed help. I thanked her, said no and then asked if the store usually played music. Yes.

Is it a religious music? Yes. It is really old religious stuff? More Holy Roller – Like Gospel and Hymns…(And I did say Holy Roller with out thinking that might not be a nice thing to say.) Yes – She told me the woman who owns the store had taken the tape out to get a copy because she was worried it might break and she didn’t have a spare. I told her it was a good idea and to tell her it was a  great selection to play in the store. I said nothing more.  

The Ghost didn’t mind. It gave me a bit more background and that was it. It also turned out a light as we were talking. She laughed and said, “That light gets hot and shuts off…” The light was directly over where I had been standing when I first heard the singing.  ; )


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