We Determine Result with Focus

Choice Determines Self.  

The wonder of this place is there is no limit to what we can create – no limit to who we can be – because we are – in essence form – without limit. Choice in this manifest plane of creation material is totally up to us. How do we occupy our thoughts? Each and every bit of thought requires energy. That energy will, in some way, shape, or form, be consumed and redirected to create another entity. (energetic or material) 

I can immerse myself in Mind Candy or I can choose Soul Food. Each determines the focus that is best for her/him at the time. I cannot know what is in the best interest for anyone else because I do not have their soul plan. A tremendous load is lifted in that awareness. However, I can share or demonstrate what I discover and what works for me.

Focus of my thought energy begins and ends with me. It is not selfish it is soulful. I am the creator. I can choose to offer unconditional love or judgment. The energy mirrored back to me indicates the level of integrity of my thought.

My thoughts are my own. It is up to me how I will engage my mind. The end result shows me where I have yet to refine my effort in determining my focus.  

Whatever holds my focus – is what I will become.

Choice Determines Self.


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