Flex Your Body – Change Your Words

Whenever there is question or doubt – fear usually lurks nearby. The energy in those positions provides little fuel for forward momentum. And Fear is an ice cube.

Sit back and allow yourself to identify why you have given a home to fear. Relax. Somewhere there is an issue with Trust. Define it. Accept that – while it may take time for you to work though – it doesn’t have to be permanent. Allow it to dissolve. Make peace with your fear. Warm it up.

If and when you are ready to move forward, release the energy created to maintain fear. Set it free. Open sky. Provide a clean slate. Invite and make welcome the energy of winning, intertwined with an element of Surprise. Surprises are not meant to be scary. They sometimes upset the applecart because we fear change. The beauty of Surprise energy is Euphoria.

To ask to be surprised is therefore, a bold move; but one that allows the Universe to pull out all stops to grant your dreams, desires, and requests. Change is unavoidable. We lose energy when we resist it. We compound that loss when we fear it.  

Words to say to Embrace Courage and Dance with ChangeHelp me to open my eyes. Bless me with Surprise.  

The door is now open to some wonderful … and surprising changes… fueled by Euphoria. 

2 thoughts on “Flex Your Body – Change Your Words

  1. “Bless me with a surprise.”

    I LOVE it, I LOVE it, I LOVE it…

    what a wonder-filled way to deal with our negative fantasies!


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