Talking to Nightlights – A Reader’s Review and an Encounter

The night I received Wendy Garrett’s book, “Talking To Nightlights” was somewhat interesting. I had just watched the movie, “The Illuminaries” so I was already in an altered state of love conciousness. Wendy’s book stayed on a table nearby while I checked emails first. The overhead lights kept flicking on and off in an annoying way, I thought the lights were about to burn out. You can imagine my surprise when I started reading the book!

Her book was fascinating to me because it will leave you with a secure feeling that there is a divine being that watches and protects us. This is a book that you will reread many times and get a clearer message the second time around. My favorite lesson from the light was, “Your society is fractured due to your fondness for labels. It gives people reasons to distance themselves before knowing anything about another person.”

Good job Wendy!
Ok, I realize this is long but I meant every word. I’m glad you have come into my life. Good luck with your book!! and everything else.

(Thank you Sandy! w)

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