Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

Kid You’ll Move MountainsDr. Seuss

Trepidation, worry, and self-doubt – I overcame all to write my little book.

Beyond my wildest dreams, I knew it would not be a literary masterpiece…For better or for worse, I am not that ambitious as a writer, and what I encountered was more than any story could tell; it is not fiction. I wanted so much to enable others to see the light that I see, to feel the rapture, to experience that wondrous inner spark of connection.

But this thing that is beyond telling also has given no approximation of a recipe for description. Turns out, I don’t have to do anything. I have done what I could in writing my words for it. Now it is just happening all by itself. The light is finding its way into being. Miracle, Magic, or Reality. It’s a matter of perspective.

A review from a recent student – 

“Below is my light energy events:

I recently completed Wendy’s class on “The Law of Attraction.”  I purchased her book, “Talking to Night Lights” on the first evening.  Both were life changing experiences for me.  In class, Wendy empowered me to reveal within myself blocks or self imposed issues that I long ago thought I had resolved.  I have been searching and reading for years all the while trying to manifest various goals for myself and always met with the same result —- failure —-at least from my misguided perception.  This awakening and guidance that Wendy has empowered me with has given me a kinder view of my past experiences that resulted in the form of these blocks. It has given me a complete and deeper approach for applying the Law of Attraction.  Wendy’s personal approach to each individuals journey was the key to this class.  This was not a textbook or fast flick fit for all curriculum.  A student in her class receives the personal one on one that escalates the journey of application of this awesome Law.

I love “Talking to Nightlights.”  I marveled at her courage to share her experience and journey with the energies.  Now—as I was reading this — her journey while wonderful was not necessarily a story that I felt resonated with me.  Just Wendy’s personal story that I enjoyed reading–nothing more. I was so detached  from it within my own mind that I didn’t acknowledge my own light experiences around me during this time frame.  I live in a 80 some odd year old house and when we started experiencing light bulbs burning out in days, I chalked it up to electrical issues.  Like Wendy’s story the energy will get very creative and specific when they are trying to get your attention. Despite this fact, I never connected with the book when the lights that would burn out were the light that shined on my door in my garden, my room, my daughter’s room, and the girly bathroom that we shared. My poor husband has recently returned to installing the old light bulbs as the fluorescent bulbs are to expensive for all of the activity. There is no consistency with these lights–they work sometimes and they don’t at other times when you switch them on.  They will suddenly turn off when they have been working for hours. It was not until a friend of mine who overheard our family struggles with the lights suggested to me that it may have everything to do with the energies.

Okay—-so I’m not the brightest light in the bunch—eventually I get it. And so the fun begins…………”

Mary Roseman

Mary, Thank YOU!  For me, this is what makes our life journey beyond wonderful. It is not predictable. Change is constant. The fact that we can’t predict the outcome… because it is far better than anything we might attempt to predict… Is truly awesome. 


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