Claiming Reality

The world as you see it.

Just like the half-full glass, when you see the world as a giant laboratory where you determine your experiments and those with whom you will manifest them, you get what you expect.

Expect positive results and that is what you’ll create. Negative, likewise. Perceptions flavor the moment and they can mean the difference between hope and apathy, cohesion and entropy. Study people who have weathered adversity. Those who survive the strongest life storms have stories to tell. And they can do it without uttering a sound.

The tale is written in the folds and texture of the flesh. Exposed – whether we like it or not. Make note: time may not reveal what kind of weather you have endured but it can most certainly reveal your demeanor in the process.


2 thoughts on “Claiming Reality

  1. Thank you. It is a question of engagement. We attract more of whatever we choose to engage – within our self. Items the soul tosses onto the plate are the wild card. Have a wonderful day!


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