The Only Rule for Creativity?

1 – There are NO rules for Creativity.

When one is creating something from nothing, anything and everything is possible. Rules close the door on potential. Rules say No, Don’t, Can’t, Impossible, and Never. We have no idea what is possible unless we first try everything, including all supposed impossibilities. 

When to throw in the towel on finding someone to showcase your creation? Never. The problem is not you – nor is it the towel. It is visibility. Change the color of the towel and you might be surprised at all of those who had no idea you even had a towel…or a novel idea. Turns out the one you had been waving over and over … to anyone who would give you the time of day, inadvertently hypnotized them into a stupor.

People see what they want to see when they are ready to see it. When you have a novel idea and you stop waving your towel to showcase it…you lose… Change color and make bigger waves. Eventually, someone will see you. And soon you will become enlightened to the fact that you no longer have the luxury of being able to stop waving a towel. Now, you see, everyone will expect you to continue to wave your towel… (What about my novel Idea?)

A whole new catagory of creation comes from that silly predicament.

Be that as it may – No one can be you for you … So it is up to you to keep the faith in your creation and see it through. Start waving your colorful towel – that’s why we have so many colors to work with. Remember which one finally works for you but don’t make it a rule to only use that one…

“If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking.”
George S. Patton

5 thoughts on “The Only Rule for Creativity?

  1. Interesting post. It’s really got me thinking. What new ways can I showcase myself, what haven’t I tried that I should, and most importantly, no matter what, to just keep it up!

    Thanks for the post. I really love that quote.


  2. Hey!

    Hello and Thank You Mark and Sibbia. Only afterward did I notice my thoughts on creativity coincided with teaching classes on Law of Attraction and an enthusiastic reconstruction and redesign of some of my web sites… Imagine that… : )


  3. Great article!

    I agree that there are no rules for creativity – except for one. The one exception is that you must mentally “see” the end result of what you want.

    If you keep this vision in mind, the vision will become reality. This is as real as the law of gravity.

    Try it and “see” for yourself.


  4. Thank you Al!

    And if one is blind or unable to see – one can sense the desired result. The key is that it is all energy. Some outcomes have no visual image or pattern to project because they are beyond anything we have up to now been able to create. And so we shift our consciousness to bring them into being and the result shows us what our sense ability looks like. And the result of that – is an evolution of consciousness.


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