Epiphanies come at the most unexpected times. I had been puzzled by a commercial I saw on television. The woman wore the exact same dress I had worn in a dream… a dress I have never before seen, in a color I never wear. The tv situation involved an elevator, as had my dream. What? How? Why? A message.

As my mind wondered and wandered, I trolled some of my bookmarked sites for inspiration. Contemplating meanings of color and synchronistic dreams, a blog post on hunger stopped me. There I sat, eating a bowl of steaming macaroni – caught off guard, suddenly en-rapt.

The very last thing I expected was that a post about assuaging pangs of hunger with a stashed, six-day-old peanut butter sandwich could improve the flavor of my macaroni, but it did. 

Then I remembered an earlier insight I chose not to post – apparently, I needed a reminder. The more we have, the less we value. When all I had was a bowl of macaroni – and read about someone else struggling with self-imposed limitations, intense cravings, and pangs of hunger during a meditation retreat…. the flavor of the macaroni intensified. I also gained a new sense of satiation that had nothing to do with food. 

The message of the dream became clear. The color of the dress was the same as the macaroni. When I pay attention, heaven speaks and the earth moves; and the only thing I can say that makes any sense …. epiphanies always arrive unexpectedly. 


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