Hindsight is a Myth

Action shifts awareness and energy.

Looking back and saying it might have been better to go a certain direction overlooks the constant presence of variables.

Each action shifts all in the scene. There is no guarantee a different action would have produced…no matter what the odds…the response you desired.

Much like throwing the dice one more time — after you decide to hold to avoid losing with the next throw — just to see if it would have been a good cast and assuming that outcome would have been the case. No. The energy shifted the minute you became unattached to the obstacle/outcome. The next roll was clean.

Work with the present. Obstacles are here to allow you to practice focus on attaining your desired outcome without fear, attaining the outcome from a state of safely holding onto who you are rather than what you already have, in addition to having a non-attachment to the obstacle.

And because neither position is real, the battle is within you.

Past, present, and future — are all housed in a fully aware Now. 


5 thoughts on “Hindsight is a Myth

  1. Hello Lisa –

    Thank you for the wonderful comments. I have been playing on your site and hope others find you too. The Matrix Quiz is fun! I got The Oracle.

    All I can say is – like everyone else – I am a work in progress. At the moment, I’m having fun exploring the “meaning” of progress. : )


  2. When I use the term ‘hindsight’, I use it to indicate where my head has been. Which if my hind is in sight, you can pretty much determine where that is.


  3. Tobeme – and all has changed yet again. : )

    Sue Ann – I hear ya! I just figure sometimes it is good to take a look at what others have had to put up with….in order to make a few adjustments.


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