All In One

One of life’s greatest challenges comes when faced with a choice to follow one’s heart and the singular tone of a gentle inner knowing or succumb to the direction given by an overwhelmingly loud, and often demanding, external chorus. 

Given a chance to reason it through – consider: No matter how Large the crowd nor how deafening the Volume – Neither are proof the direction is right for you.

When given an argument that you might fail, counter – Success is not always the best teacher. 

Given the argument your direction has never been tried, counter – Someone has to go first.

Given the question, “How do you know?”, counter – How does anyone know? 

Given the threat, “No one will follow.” counter – Some things must be done alone.

Trust that you are where you need to be when you need to be. Wisdom is birthed through experience. All information prior to that is opinion or hear say. Science is relative.

You are here to determine Your Say… Your Way.

You are here to discover your “I Am.”

And That Information is in you.

I wish for you in 2008 –

The ability to decode the perfect harmony in your Present

and to enjoy the Journey of unfolding the Symphony of Eternity.

Love, Light, and God Speed. : )  

A fellow traveler.


3 thoughts on “All In One

  1. These are marvelous comebacks Wendy! They will help us reach the day when we are no longer emotionally dependent upon anything outside of our own Spiritual Self.


  2. These are perfect answers to the questions I am being asked lately, with an impending move to the North Country. I don’t know why I am being sent there; it is a move that never in my wildest dreams could I come up with.

    And so I trust. I trust that the answers will come, and all will become clear. In the meantime, I know the answers are within me…and I will find them.


  3. Hello Sue Ann – What? Emotions a challenge? Apparently that was in the fine print for coming here. ; ) Have a wonderful New Year!

    Hi Marion – if I may suggest – Remember what it is like to have been born? In Answering your soul call at this time, it is as if you are undergoing that same birthing process in an awakened state… (hopefully, minus the wake-up whack on the bottom) … The supports are in place and you are meant to find them! Thank you for sharing your journey. I look forward to hearing more. Happy 2008!


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