Magic in Between

Developing trust in your ability to connect with higher guides and guidance can be tricky. Sometimes the insight offered seems too good to be true, too simple to work and too easy to access, and the only way you know whether it is right for you is to honor the process and learn how to better connect with your inner source/insight.

The insight and inspiration is always there and – for that very reason – it can get tuned out or discounted because it isn’t deemed special when it’s just a part of the program. Actually, that is what makes it even better. The insight program code is unique to each and every manifest being; like snowflakes and fingerprints, it’s a one of a kind signature card for unlocking universal divine essence. And it comes with the package.

Is it really that easy to hear? Only when you listen. Outside a horn honks loudly – first one to honk today… (and in many days). 

What are you listening for? That, you will have to discover for yourself. Once you hear it – you will wonder how ever could you have missed it. 

2 thoughts on “Magic in Between

  1. Do you have any specific suggestions you can offer for how to go about connecting with spirit guides?

    Margot, the Marrakesh Mystic


  2. Hello Margot –

    Each is unique in his/her ability. I heard my guides long before I ever knew of their existance. I learned how to hear better and to dialogue through automatic writing and channeling…I also had to learn how to do each of those.

    I hear sounds; notes, tones, songs. I see lights, sparks, colors, and electrical charges. I smell fragrances and feel touches, breezes, and changes in temps… I have learned to pay attention to what I am asking for or experiencing when these things happen.

    For me, the experience is like a very big game of charades… Metaphors are a frequent ingredient and the answers are real.

    A start: Surround yourself with white light and ask your guide/s to give you a sign of their presence. Pay attention. Signs are often written off as coincidence; but they would not happen nor would they register if you were not tuned in. Go from there. : ) Trust – if you are open to contact – they will find a way to connect and you will learn a common code.

    When working with guides you can be sure that – even when things don’t add up – somehow, they will make perfect sense. Linear thought does not always apply with guides. So we learn how to connect the dots.

    I hope this is helpful.


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