Inner Source


It isn’t that we don’t hear it. The problem is that we don’t trust what we hear.

Either we learn how to discern what is speaking and how to trust it or we spend our time confusing wisdom and insight with fear and ego.

Tough call. It isn’t easy to let go of Ego. But learning how shadow works can help create a new awareness as to why and how we can be buffaloed into blocking the beautiful light we are born with.

We are sometimes led into difficult situations for the very purpose of learning how to navigate our way out. We are not alone during that time; we have help. Those helpers cannot do it for us. No one can. Spirit is ever-present as a rock, a touch stone, a safety net, a homing signal.

We skin our knees, we fall and get up. And if, despite our very best attempts, we fail; we are given the grace to try again…until one day…one lifetime…we (all) get it right.

2 thoughts on “Inner Source

  1. Very wise words, you are correct, we hear it, we simply choose to ignore or not believe it. The trick is to learn to accept what we already know. Great post.


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