Stitching Time


No matter how fast or slow it may appear – we arrive in perfect time.

I am less focused now on dotting all the i’s and crossing all the t’s. Might be okay to leave a few things undone. What I have seen of where we are going – there are no things left undone.

I actually find that “undone” stuff rather intriguing. It inspires me to wonder, to contemplate what might appear as the next solution, knowing full well it doesn’t have to be a resolution, and even so, there will always remain more to be done.

Mystery is the carrot. We can never have all the answers because we can’t fathom the right questions but we create our reality regardless.

That is what we do here; we create and we are done.  Where we are going we will not miss it, as it doesn’t exist in any other form nor is it in our awareness, so I intend to enjoy it while I am here. I think that is called attachment. 

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