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(Needed to correct this post … something was up with the formatting when I tried to upload it the first time.)

Just an update to let you know I am focusing more on the Conscious Living and Talking to Nightlights Shows on Talk Shoe and the Talking to Nightlights Blog on Blogspot. Updates are more likely to be posted on that site and the site

      Our next guests are Maria Snyder– a former meteorologist turned novelist and Sharon Stiteler the stage mom behind

      The content is quirky and fun. I am focused on people who have found a joyful venture to share and it may not have a specific spiritual bent because I believe we are all “spiritual” beings and that essence is just part of the package. I want to find out what us “spiritual” beings are creating that we enjoy sharing with the world. 

      You can listen to our 3/5/08 – Show number 1 (Sandy Jorgensen is my Co-Host) interview with Denise Zak. Denise is a gifted animal intuitive. Find out more about her at She was a delight to talk with and her session with the pigeons at Wrigley Field is hilarious.  

      On Talking to Nightlights, I spoke with Psychic Irma Slage about her ability to photograph ghosts because her photos look just like mine. The energy signatures/discs/orbs are present when the ghost is in the photo. I am so thrilled to make a connection with someone who has that ability too.

      We may do things differently but have each figured out a way to make it work. I think it illustrates the fact that there is no one way to connect with spirit. There is simply the way that works for you

      Irma is a gifted psychic/meduim/intuitive who has a healthy social schedule but has agreed to make a return appearance once a month as long as the Spirits don’t have her booked for something else. 🙂 


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