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FROM Gregg Braden – “Quantum energy can exist in two very different forms as visible particles or invisible waves.  The energy is still there either way, just making itself known in different forms.

A quantum particle can be in one place only, two places at once, or even in many places simultaneously.  The interesting thing, however, is that no matter how far apart these locations appear to be physically, the particle acts as if it’s still connected.

Quantum particles can communicate with themselves at different points in time.  They’re not limited by the concepts of past, present, and future.  To a quantum particle, this is now and there is here.” – Gregg Braden

WE are quantum beings.

Yes, I have neglected this space because I thought the post on Eldon Taylor spoke volumes on my behalf, but I do need to offer a few new bits of info as my life is shifting and I am adding more venues to share my work.

The most recent addition – Empower Radio is now hosting my talkcasts/interviews. Had a great time with author DJ Machale. After reading his newest launch for a trilogy, I can see why he’s a hit with the young adult demo! He grew up in a haunted house! Sold me!

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