Discovery/Recovery – Engaging Awareness

– I am told from my energy companions that, at some point, we will shift from learning through reduction to knowing through immersion. – Talking to Nightlights 

Mysteries dot the world in wonder. Numbers cannot capture them all. With every awareness a new mystery is born. Each discovery/recovery leads to greater insight, better questions, more roads to explore. The outcome of all such endeavors and experience via the process changes us, one and ALL, in ways we have yet to connect in this manifest state.

It may be that, in this state, we are designed to be too close to see our own divine unfoldment. However, others in essence form can and they hold space for us and cheer us onward, inward, outward and upward, that one day we might acknowledge them and benefit from the knowing of this intermingling.

Our words for them (the intelligent, non-corporeal, light being, energy, illuminated, essence form others) are simply the best of what we know at this time. Limited in many ways, we are, by the need to assign names, labels, description and definition to things, beings and states of awareness we cannot fully comprehend in this mind state. Yet, the contact is ongoing on multiple levels and it varies as each is engaged at his unique level of awareness.

Through that engagement/entanglement/inter-connection, we can be inspired/prodded to chart new territory, develop other senses of seeing and being that allow enhanced receptivity and engagement beyond knowing. More content, description, explanation will continue to unfold as we continue in our own development and chart the language of light. 

Whatever our situation, given the knowing and not knowing, the day will come when all are adept at allowing the presence of the multidimensional in an overt fashion to facilitate engaging those energies with conscious intent. We call it: Evolution.   

I am told from my energy body friends that, at some point, we will shift from learning by reduction to knowing by immersion. Each has his own path to that end. The trip is in progress. Awaken and be MORE.

The greater reality is calling us home and – no matter what the appearance on the physical plane – we are here in perfect time and we are ready. We have crossed over without knowing, planning, trying, dying or saying. We have crossed over because it is the time for being (here now).

Welcome to the light side. Pay attention. Your intentional creation is in process.

Guidelines? A few: Play fair. Share. Do no harm. (Collaborate.)

Start where you are without remorse or regret. Forgive and let live. No need to hold court for the unillumined past or harbor shame in the fractionalized present. Let go. Disengage. Bless the lesson and the recovery. Move forward. Celebrate the healing tapestry in creation. All the necessary players are here. Discover the power and the enhanced creativity in collaboration.

Allow for a greater good to upgrade at any moment. It does and it will. Above all, appreciate the moment and adore the wonder. You are given a view in singularity to share in communion. Give birth to your Divine Magician. What a wonder you are. For real.

Engage your spark and SOAR!


Now for a mind shift — 

My energy being contact operates with the assist of a Nightlight. I also encounter manifestations in other forms and much of it electrical in nature. What might our non-corporeal counterparts look like? They can take many forms. Is there a conventional way of viewing them? Try this.

Or this. Dorothy Izzat is a woman now in her 80’s (or close to it) who for the past 40 years has been making contact with what she calls “Light Beings” in her home in Canada. She has thousands of hours of 8mm film documentation and countless photographs of these beings.


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  1. Dorothy’s content is no longer available in her channel but this link is one that includes frames of the content and discussion on her experiences. –

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