Monster Hike interview with Avrel Seale – searching for Sasquatch

“You can’t throw a rock in southern Utah without hitting somebody who’s been abducted.” – Filmmaker Trent Harris, sponsored a UFO film festival in Bicknell, Utah, Skinwalker Ranch

OddsnEnds –

  • NEW species of Human – and they were little people. 3 ft. tall. CNN.
  • First Picture of a Black Hole BBC.
  • Next phase of Black Hole photography. Fine tuning. Space.
  • Bigfoot Bonanza –
    Bigfoot Days in Estes Park. Greeley Tribune.

    • Showcasing Sasquatch calling contestants. ESPN.
    • Animated Bigfoot. Missing Link. Meet Susan. Trailer.
    • Travel bug? Check out the Cherokee Bigfoot Adventure Tour. Source.
  • Unclaimed. Forrest Fenn’s $2M treasure still calls the hopeful. Unfortunately, not loud enough to disclose the location. According to Big Think, Fenn says at least one person has been within 100 feet of the treasure, out of several thousands who have searched.  The Guardian shadowed treasure hunter Sacha Johnston. Esquire interviewed Forrest Fenn.

Wendy’s Coffeehouse Interview – 
Avrel Seale – Monster Hike

Monster Hike – After doing a thorough job of Sasquatch backstory research, meal prep and camp supply stashing, (Impressive!) Avrel hit the trail. Alone.

Avrel Seale set out on a quest to cover a one hundred mile trek through one of America’s hottest bigfoot-sighting areas – Sam Houston National Forest in East Texas – in the hope of encountering Bigfoot. 

I am curious and have seen signs of Sasquatch myself that shift the issue from myth to reality. Referring here to Board Camp Crystal Mine. Link is to a previous blog post and interview.

Two nights into his story of the trip and the apprehension is there [me, settled in and comfy, reading his story on my laptop]. Just that initial report made me more than happy that Avrel was doing the leg work. I could understand if he had seriously considered punting the whole thing at that point.

monster hike frontcoverDid he find Bigfoot/Sasquatch?

If the book cover is evidence, he found something.  That’s an 18 inch footprint beside Avrel’s size 10 and a half shoe.

Texas. Right.

Do they have the ability to erase or block knowledge of their presence and their source?Study their cameo appearances at places like Skinwalker Ranch.

Jocelyn Buckner, a long time tour guide at the Bradshaw Ranch in Sedona, says their resident Bigfoot/Sasquatch is named Big Girl. Our interview is here: Link.

I am looking forward to talking with [6/2/19] Tom Dongo, Sedona resident and author of Merging Dimensions, to learn more about the history of Sedona’s Bradshaw Ranch.

Read Monster Hike. Here’s a bonus from the blog. Avrel goes back out for another look. In that camp scene again, he notices a few more anomalies. What’s with the abandoned tents? No mention of black panthers. Apparently, Texas has those too. Texas Cryptid Hunter

We live in a curious world. Mystery is one of the perks.



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