Shelley Kaehr, Beyond Reality, Evidence of Parallel Universes. What if?

Wendy’s Coffeehouse interview: Beyond Reality, Evidence of Parallel Universes. Preview the book on Amazon. And/or Listen to the interview. [Audioboom]

When I read Shelley Kaehr’s book, I had no idea about her Past Life specialty. Doing the research prior to setting up an interview, I discovered she had an extensive background and – obviously – the timing was no coincidence.

Evidence of Parallel Universes
Shelley Kaeher, AKA Past Life Lady

We share some similar interests. I also have several upcoming interviews touching on the theme of past lives.

An incredible story we don’t cover is in Chapter 13. Shelley was giving a talk and relating the story of a friend who died in a hiking accident.

One of the attendees happened to have been with that friend at the time of the accident.

Shelley described seeing an apparition of the deceased friend. The attendee told her the  clothes she described the apparition wearing were accurate, something she had never known.

I have past life memories and dreams that suggest parallel life encounters and other experiences that challenge what is considered ‘normal’ reality. For that matter, each and every day – my ‘normal’ is ‘beyond reality’. By now, it’s clear there are others who experience this stuff too.

We explore and discover. Shelley and I will talk more. #ConsciousLiving on


Shelley’s blog

Wendy’s Coffeehouse blog:

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