Astonishing UFO encounters of John Foster

John Foster’s site provides an overview of his decades of interaction with UFOs. Mid 1950s to 1986. His 3 books offer illustrations and details. (He corrects this date in the comments = starting in the late 30’s.)
Images by John Foster – Books available at Amazon and on his site – continue to the reblogged info below.

John began drawing the scenes as he recalled the encounters. Drawings represent some of what he and the other people who were with him witnessed visually over a period of at least 46 years. The drawings are presented randomly, in no particular order.

To see more of his images visit:

“The mysterious intelligences connected to my encounters have told me that they are “the monitors and Keepers of the earth” and are responsible to a hierarchy that includes “the arch angels Michael and Gabriel,” who are responsible to the entity we have know as “Christ,” who is in charge of this corner of our immense complex universe.”

“They explained further that they are not allowed to interfere in the affairs of humankind except at certain times, when things are going awry or are dangerous. They said this is one of those times, one of those eras. They continued to state that if they hadn’t interfered in the past, we would have destroyed ourselves…and that if they don’t interfere now and in the future, we will indeed destroy ourselves.”


3 thoughts on “Astonishing UFO encounters of John Foster

  1. Thank you for reblogging Wendy. My encounters began about 1939 or 1940 or when I was born in 1937 and continued until I was 48 years old…until August of 1986 when the so-called Ets and I had “a parting of the ways.”s However, my family and I continued to have a few sightings over a period of many years. I was virtually was never alone during the encounters…some short and some very long.

    Wishing you the very best……..John

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  2. Thank you! I am so glad you are sharing your story. One of the best I have seen with the incredible volume of details and wide range of encounters that include future events. You provide a glimpse into a reality few have access to. Best wishes to you as well. Your books are fantastic!


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