A sleek sparkling craft and men arrive “on a cloud”

UFO. Cloaked in a cloud.

I love John’s drawings because they offer an added element of context to his encounters. Controversial or not – the experience is the story. This image illustrates the interdimensional – transdimensional aspect of UFOs.

No matter how many wish to ‘see’ this in person, there are challenges.
1 = Limits in our species/human abilities to perceive certain phenomena.
Some can – others cannot.
2 = Intention of that which is the source to limit/determine access and contact.
Selected, targeted, chosen, or simply present. Unknown.

Documentation of such encounters to the best of our ability is crucial. All who experience the anomalous demonstrate the fact we still have a lot to learn about ‘reality’ …

This is the perfect image to convey how an object can be seen and/or unseen – simply by blending into a natural setting.

Thank you, John!

Blue River UFO Blog - A very unusual authentic UFO story

I have never drawn this sketch before. Primarily because it demonstrates the arrival of a craft “on a cloud” and a voice speaking from the cloud. It was very similar, I imagine, to those times that God and some of the angels in The Bible arrived “on a cloud” and spoke from a cloud.

I know, it’s very controversial. However, this and other strange things that occurred during my encounters, the mysterious men, the strange beings, the voice, and the strange crafts and objects also were similar to people, entities, objects and occurrences written in The Bible from beginning to end. Even some of the verbiage we heard during my encounters basically was similar to some of the verbiage in The Bible.

I know for sure that I’m not on the same level as those characters in The Bible. However I also know that these things actually happened just as…

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