John Foster – UFO Story – highlighting how it syncs with The Holographic Universe

“Once we can perceive the limitless possibilities of an eternal, infinite universe, we can began to develop the talents it might take in order to function beyond the physical, beyond the infancy state of who we are. Yet, as above, we cannot do this alone, it takes some kind of outside force or power to provide us a growth stimulus.” – John Foster, excerpt from the book To Earth From Heaven, Chapter 13 – The Holographic Universe

In John’s decades of contact/experience, there are so many examples of the beings with whom he is engaged trying to educate and inform and, in some fashion, incentivize him to aspire to greater awareness.

If that is but a tiny glimpse of a larger game afoot, involving multiple others, we are under the influence of beings who opt to keep their presence clandestine and their ultimate goal undisclosed, all the while knowing so much about us humans they can accurately foreshadow each and every move before we make it.

Even so, in reading John’s material, it would seem these behind-the-scenes influencers draw the line at forcing compliance. (And that has been my own experience.)

While knowing our ultimate choice, it seems there is appreciation for the education that comes in allowing us to fully experience the impact of our choice and the resulting embodiment we manifest as we pass, fail, sink, swim, fly on our own accord.

John has been given information about our future. In some cases it panned out – but not in every case. Whatever scenario is yet to unfold, the reality exists, extraordinary unknowns are present among us.

What wonders are yet to come? Who among us is awake enough to see them? What can we learn from their story?

John references Michael Talbot and The Holographic Universe:

“The holographic universe concept indicates our so-called physical world is nothing more than a small integral part of an eternal, infinite world we don’t yet understand.”

It would seem that eternal, infinite world is attempting to develop the necessary language/symbols/patterns/code to reach out to us in a way that challenges us to expand our awareness, consciousness, intellect and upgrade our knowing: to evolve. In some cases it might be pleasant. Not so much in others.

How to wake a sleeping giant? Desire? Curiosity?

Apparently, UFOs are part of the equation and the intelligence behind them knows the answer. They are (and all along have been) playing their part. And they are not alone. Brilliant!

Follow John Foster UFOs. Details of the occupants and their abilities unlike any other experiencer story I have read to date.


4 thoughts on “John Foster – UFO Story – highlighting how it syncs with The Holographic Universe

  1. John – there is so much to learn from your experiences about the dynamic and fluid manner in which the experiences/encounters/interactions unfold. Interdimensional and operating out of time – with the ability to remain in stealth mode to most. Anything we can learn from this is to our advantage. Thank you!

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