Just for fun, I thought about offering a class on spoon bending. I bent my first spoon some 30 years ago during a local class demonstration and remember the resulting mind shift realizing there are some incredible abilities we have yet to tap. Thinking it might be interesting to see if there was any interest, I decided it would be best to practice before going forward.

To prepare, I bought a couple of packages of metal forks and spoons – didn’t want to mess up the everyday ware. I found a lighter weight metal than what I remember working with before and it is also lighter than our regular set in the drawer. However, it is metal and I can’t muscle it into position.

Focus matters. Fork bent. Spoon broke.
Focus matters. Fork bent. Spoon broke.

Here’s where it gets interesting and the explanation to the photo. I bent the fork and another with no problem. When that happened, I felt my energy blended and flowed with and into the metal. It softened and melted.

The result with the spoon happened when I tried to bend it but kept my focus redirected by reading something else on the computer while holding the intent and focus on moving the metal. I was actively trying not to push my energy – thinking it might make it easier to bend.

Surprise! That produced the opposite effect. It cracked the metal. The spoon broke the moment I tried to bend it. Astonished, I showed Andy and he examined it to see what I had done.

Apparently, the metal crystallized – as if it had frozen. It was the exact opposite effect of my earlier results. Knowing what I was thinking and how my focus was in not pushing, rather pulling my energy back, I was pulling the energy from the spoon, so it made it brittle rather than fluid.

No doubt others have done this too. Energy healers, energy workers and Qigong practitioners are accessing this flow. I am curious. In addition to conscious intentions, what extraordinary results are we subconsciously influencing with our energy, completely unintended.

Even more interesting – what results are in play from those who are fully aware of what they are doing.

I am reminded to revisit a daily energy practice. This is one I like. “Eight Pieces of Silk Brocade.” Qigong with Judy K. Young

Follow Eight Pieces on YouTube.

I will continue to hone my spoon bending ability now that I realize there can be different results with different application so I can understand how to redirect my awareness.

Thought directs energy and influences results. The frozen spoon outcome was the demonstration I needed to remind me I can influence my health – with focused intention – just as effectively.

And if you ARE interested in SpoonbendingJack Houck has the Master PK Instructor title. Died in 2013. Spoons were just the tease. “Jack is the originator of Psychokinesis (PK) Parties, and is recognized as one of the foremost authorities in the world on the subject. He has given more than 360 of these workshops to over 17,000 people during the last 23 years, and maintained meticulous records on them.” Read more.

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