Anything can happen and frequently does

Anything that happens, happens. Anything that, in happening, causes something else to happen, causes something else to happen. Anything that, in happening, causes itself to happen again, happens again. It doesn’t necessarily do it in chronological order, though. Douglas Adams – BBC Quotes in celebration of Towel Day

Looking at my journal, this was the clue. 12/20/19. “On the way to work, the Sonic light is blinking and flashing. It catches my eye because it isn’t supposed to be doing that. It is behaving exactly like my nightlight.”

Sitting in the studio organizing the next sequence of traffic reports I check the screen and I am ahead of time. I need to mute the television but the remote is dead. I try to make it work by moving the batteries around but no go.

I get up to turn off the television. When I return to my seat the mouse is frozen. I look at the time. 8:17 and I need to hurry. The computer tower position is different somehow even though it is right beside me. I crawl under the desk to investigate the mouse cord to discover it has been pulled away from the back of the tower.

This is not possible. I had a vague awareness of something in my space but happening too fast for me to factor or register. In my memory it is kind of an expanded bubble. A bubble that shouldn’t be there. (Unless it should.)

The next oddity is on the traffic screen, where there had been a couple of stalled cars prior to the weirdness, there are multiple stalls – 15 or 20 at the same time – on most of the major highways across the metro area. More stalls than we have accidents when it rains. The computer screen remains frozen and not responding to the reconnected mouse.

I cancel the traffic report for some stations. There is a quirk and a clue in the one that I am able to do live. They intro me as the one who thinks UFO orbs seen flying over the city in the summer were ETs. I agree (with a smile) and say I am in contact. Adding, (smiling again) “They are my Traffic Orbs.”

I have experienced electrical anomalies when there is an ET presence. The highly irregular increase in the number of stalls on a day with good road conditions is an indication of electrical interference. Energy shift.

It started at 8:17 when the remote to the television died and I had to step away from my desk. The computer mouse then locked and the TV indicated ‘no signal’. During that time I was aware of a physical shift in the distance between me and the computer tower. The position of the mouse cable indicated it had been pulled out from the unit.

That makes no sense at all. And it happened. Welcome to my world.

Life is full of mystery and unknown – often classified as impossible. No matter the classification, impossible happens. When one removes the element of time from the equation one can then be ready to allow all as possible.

Aside from me, others have experienced such a change. Whatever inspired, instigated, triggered that shift was what was needed. And so we grow by our own design, Intelligent and/or not, Evolved.

The guides had given me a hint that someone was trying to contact me and I would know – not that I can tell anyone and have them understand. This is simply the way it works for me.

Here is their transmission. There are certain references that speak to our method of communication. The language is not an equivalent translation. Some words have an approximate value. They do their best to keep it open for my interpretation. “He”‘ refers to the one delivering the message on behalf of another source. I approach it like a game of charades or “Who’s on First” … I am supposed to do the exercise and connect the dots without knowing the outcome. Later, I see how it played out. (The theme is: Don’t panic.)

12/18/19 ~ Like nothing you can imagine. You are being prepared for contact and that is not a reference that speaks to accuracy. The one who is contacting you is not of this plane, but it seems in reconciling that you are in the same picture and that is the farthest thing from the truth.

He” and yes it is a he will know what to say that makes you understand the situation and you will understand that this is not what happens every day… A novel approach and not one recommended for any who have no faith.

The goal of the telepath is not to simply pick up on the thoughts of other.

The goal is to know when others are trying to read you. That is the ultimate state of identity. One who knows oneself is able to identify an intrusion. So – self-knowing is about being in a state of complete awareness of all that resonates and one can then discern that which does not reflect the inner being. ~

The best thing to remember when upgrading your awareness: Reality IS. It doesn’t have to make sense. We aren’t there yet.

If one is lucky, through a very neat slight of wonder, time removes itself. When that happens, everything changes.

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