Everything here is a work in progress.

Some interactions must for a time defy explanation when definition is simply conjecture. Reality includes the adventure of discovering hidden rooms. 

Asleep for a couple of hours, the dog woke me as she left the bedroom in search of a late night snack.

What happened next was an odd surprise. I felt a sharp tap on the very top of my head. It could compare to being hit with an acorn falling from a tree, hitting you on the head and then bouncing off. 

In that very same instant, I heard a spoken word and saw a quick, flashed image of bold, block (black) letters across a yellow background with jagged edges. Think cartoon captions from the Batman TV series.

The word I heard as the lettered image flashed: 


What the … ? How incredibly unusual. And interesting.

The tap on my head felt physical. Fully awake, I wondered who or what might be trying to get my attention and for what purpose. Figuring it was a huge box of potentials that might keep me up all night with no resolution, I let it go, opting to wait and see if my dreams over the next few nights included any clues. 

As with the red and green lighted UFO I caught hovering in the corner of the room, it goes in the Contact category. Subcategory: Alien vs. Terrestrial PSI? Spirit Guides. Deceased. Unknown. Misc. paranormal.

Anomalies are pointless in losing sleep over when the possibilities number to infinity and choose to remain unidentified. I went back to sleep but the cat woke me up every hour.

Dreams included talking with a man in transition who was taking his death lightly and joking that it was sad to go but he didn’t plan to buy into the sorrow. Instead, he wanted to focus on what had made him happy and the things that made him laugh. He wanted to be remembered for the laughter and humor he provided. His grin suggested he might still have a practical joke or two up his sleeve.

Today, having had time to think, I remember asking my guides about a book I bought earlier in the day. I asked what helpful information it could offer for me to consider it worth purchasing. Given a page number, it opened to Coyote: “You need to laugh more.” 

… “see humor in difficult situations” … speaks to the dream about the man in transition preferring to focus on laughter and humor.

Whatever the source of that ding on the head, I like novelty and quirks and appreciate a break from predictable patterns. Even when I balk or complain about the pain in the ___ learning curve.

No matter how it appears, everything here responds to our thoughts. The mindset I carry determines the temperature of the next encounter. Mind games we allow and choose to engage assist and challenge us to develop insight, awareness, focus and character.

I am unsure what rules this acorn game includes but dreams happening alongside suggest a level of higher knowing that involves awareness and active presence in/on more than two planes at one time.


A dream from the night before included a gypsy who asked if I wanted to increase my luck. I saw no harm in saying yes and told her I would appreciate improvement in my luck. I had no idea what to expect.

She touched her thumb to my forehead and it seemed to have ashes on it. (A blessing.) I thanked her.

Yesterday, we bought a winning lottery ticket and won more than we thought because we overlooked a number. There’s the extra luck.

Night/Day/Between = Acorns are falling. If I want to expand my extra-dimensional presence and awareness, I let go of who might be throwing the acorn and follow the thread I find more interesting.

Where is the tree?

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