Black Dog Intuition, Covid-19 Mask Redirect, Paranormal, Skinwalker, Paulides, Diversions and PSI Course Resets

“Don’t try to comprehend with your mind. Your minds are very limited. Use your intuition.”

Madeleine L’Engle, A Wind in the Door

PSI guidance to change courseThis is what it looks like. Given Coronavirus can be underestimated regarding exposure and safe proximity, we believe an incident during yesterday’s walk was a clue. 

When Andy and I approached others on the street (we are still allowed to get outdoors – expected to maintain distance), if we were unable to avoid and take a detour, we created a wider distance as a buffer.

Three walkers were headed toward us we could not avoid. The single walker passed first. We noticed the couple following had a dog walking between them. Andy told me they had a dog and I saw it too. Translation: Give Jack his toy and hold both Gracie and Jack closer to avoid interaction with the other dog.

We stepped in a driveway to the side to avoid the single walker and then stayed until the couple passed. They made a point to compliment us on the behavior of our dogs – saying they had three schnauzers at home who were not good on walks… And everyone kept walking.

I asked Andy if he noticed something. He did. He said, “There was no dog.”

I told him I saw a black dog and he added that it looked to be about the height of a doberman or a lab. Short hair, solid black. Agreed. We both saw a dog walking between them until they were directly in front of us. There was no dog and the description of their dogs at home had no resemblance.

In my previous intuition/visions, black dogs represent protection and warning. Time to stay in the yard.

Be open to unconventional insight. Things are changing now.

OddsnEnds –

  1. Paranormal doesn’t stop for Covid-19. 21 people share creepy coincidences that made them believe in the paranormal.

    From OP: Walking through a graveyard yesterday, I stepped on a broken piece of a headstone with just my birthday inscribed on it (Pic included). I think the creepiest part about it was that it was just sitting there, no other broken pieces near it, and I happened to step right on it.”
    Response from Sandy on Facebook: “Everyone gets dimes from Heaven, the women in our family often find them after a marital fight and we say it’s Grandma Della. Paul and I walked in the cemetery looking for her grave (the big tree that marked the spot was hit by lightening and removed). I said out loud, “Hey grandma, inflation! How about quarters?” We laughed and laughed, after I found a quarter on the cemetery path! Stopped, picked it up, there was her grave! OMG yes.”
  2. Greeting from the pyramids. USA Today 
  3. The Covid-19 shelter-at-home/lockdown varies by state (and city) in the US. About face on mask wearing. Now the recommendation is to wear a mask, based upon comparisons to communities and nations that have implemented masks and self-isolation to prevent/minimize spread. Forbes.
  4. Revisiting the Mask – 1918 Flu Pandemic. CNN
  5. Instructions for a very simple DIY mask. Youtube. (Using rubber bands, hot glue, staples or sewing.)
  6. Sendoff for the [former] Navy Captain who tried to reach out for help to protect his crew from Coronavirus. CNN.
  7. Chickens are like toilet paper at the moment,” she said. “With the COVID crisis suddenly everyone has decided that having backyard chickens is cool.” Domain.
  8. “The concept of a ghost light is part superstition, part safety measure. Keeping a light on inside dark theatres is said to either appease or scare away the ghost that many believe roams when theatres are empty. But it also helps prevent clumsy crew members from falling off stage into the orchestra pit.” The Age.
  9. Boost your immune function – Qigong session under 15 minutes with Simon Blow. This session addresses the lungs. YouTube.
  10. Zoos are closed and there’s a new face of Zoo Tourism … residents are checking each other out. Might have been a look of fright on the meerkats! USA Today 

Skinwalker Ranch Episode 1 aired on History. Bad things happen when you dig.”Available for a limited time at no charge, along with some other History channel favoritesHere’s the link. And to be expected, the first episode ends with a cliffhanger.

David Paulides offers his thoughts on Skinwalker Ranch. Said he had an opportunity to visit just prior to the new owner taking over and he is a bit glad now, after hearing about what happened to some of the others who have been to the site, that his visit didn’t work out. Link.

Follow David on YouTube
Website: Canam Missing 411

Entertainment Xtra – HBO limited time at no charge CNN as is CBS All Access (Picard and Discovery) For Kids of all ages, stuck in lockdown, there’s Harry Potter at Home.
And for a huge listening library, there’s Audible for kids. Includes Miss Peregrine series.

“I Talk to Animals “- Excellent (older) Documentary featuring Animal Communicator Samantha Khury – 40 plus years as an Animal Communicator, gaining wide recognition for communicating with Elephants at the San Diego Zoo. Documentary provides examples of her work and insight on how to connect with animals. She recommends sending visual images of the behavior you wish to see. YouTube

For more information and additional videos, visit Samantha Khury’s website. And a special project with an Elephant named Nosey. Video.
# # #

Wendy’s Coffeehouse update –

My KCMO recording schedule has changed. Now posting the longer home podcast version on Audioboom. New shows stream at 9 PM Wednesday, Conscious Living on Empower Radio. Several Wendy’s Coffeehouse shows are also available on Soundcloud.

Thank you for following. Share what you find interesting and connect with those who inspire curiosity and inspiration.

New interviews are booked.From the archives:
Mitch Horowitz – The Miracle Club, How Thoughts Become Reality
And the related blog post. Link

Stay curious.
Be well.

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