Creation = As above, So below = Unified Flow.

In the dream I am on a wooden vessel that seems to have been carved from a tree. It is pointed at the front and narrow, meant for swift travel on water.

My balance is steady and the river is very fast moving. I am guiding my vessel to keep it a safe distance from the left bank. I see others behind who have not yet disembarked and others in front who are a fair distance ahead and preparing to depart to the shore on the right side of the river before the river flows to the left and around the bend.

I am the one lone traveler between two groups who seem to have a specific journey and their actions indicate a jovial and casual demeanor, almost to the point of being rowdy. The flat wooden vessels they board are designed to be stable for larger groups. All travelers appear to be monks in black silks and part of a larger and bonded group.

I assess my state and see that I do not wish things to be different. I am not in need of company or assistance. I have a fluid rhythm with this log/vessel. My only desire is to maintain safe distance from the elevated banks on either side.

When traveling in a group, the outcome is less certain and I seem to be controlling the course of this journey. End of dream.

For several months the Guides indicated we were set to undergo some very significant changes. Some of the phrases were quite dire – so I simply shifted gears and opted to let it be. Rather than sharing or offering my impressions and visions for public view, I chose to allow that whatever came into the manifest plane was a reaction from a higher awareness and in sync with reality at this time. I did not want to color it with an impression.

Example of one of the repeated phrases I received: “Beyond your wildest dreams … and nightmares.” I did not like that turn of the phrase at the end but when I asked for clarity, it repeated the phrase.

I redirected my focus to short term awareness to limit further insight from the guides when that message surfaced to prevent my personal insecurity, apprehension and uncertainty to influence the message from that point on.

Regarding channeling. Ongoing now for 2 decades with the Energy via the nightlights, it is respectful of my boundaries and self-distancing and remains quietly present until I am receptive to allow further impressions and messages.

Connection is telepathic while the electrical activity created via the nightlight is seen on the material plane. That unique element of my channeling started in 1997 and was the catalyst to my learning to channel to better understand the purpose for the presence and the connection.

The purpose? Engagement and a physical reminder that we are never alone. We can and do communicate with non-corporeal others when/if we so desire.

Our reality window in this corporeal state is extremely limited until we expand our awareness to understand that we have the ability to acknowledge and engage with ever present others who might not register and might even choose not to register in our sphere.

I have tried to describe my connection and the presence of this influence in many ways but our language is incredibly limited when it comes to expression of non-corporeal elements.

That doesn’t make the reality of their being any less significant. However, their ability to shift our reality remains a factor until we learn to expand our PSI abilities to access their plane of origin to at first, simply realize that they do exist. And that is in progress as our consciousness evolves.

I will share more of the information the Energy is giving me. I am told it is time and I have delayed for several months because of the extreme and dire nature of the messages until I could distance myself to remain neutral and allow that a message is simply a string of words until I feed it with attachment.

Reaction is ours. Subsequent thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions are determined by us. The example presented by a Qigong Master offers a visual of how incredibly empowered one becomes when one invests effort and focus in refining the flow of thought energy. I do not call this projecting.

Language is key. My word for this state is interjecting. Master expands awareness (from within) to occupy/inhabit space beyond physical form.

Increase in flow repels intruder. Response triggers impact reflecting the nature of the contact. A demonstration revealing op-positional force deflected via interjection of presence manifesting broadcast wave of clearing space. Magnetics. Visualize a cough. Irritants are expelled.

The power of will and presence. Chi focused. A study in Reflection.

Read the comment from one who experienced interaction with a High Master. Rod Roddman. I do not study martial arts anymore because I am an old man now. But when I did, I made my body hard and I could defend myself very well. Sooooo then I wanted more and at the time was studying WIng Chun. One time was a very, very,very special ocassion and there was a visiting HIGH MASTER. He was small and could not have weighed more than 130 pounds or less. He was about 5 foot 4 maybe. Continued: Link to comments.

For now, this demonstration of will power is the best I can offer in regard to the presence of a thing our science cannot quantify.

We are charged with creating a receptive state in the physical, allowing the experience to manifest and wash over us. And then, in viewing or becoming a witness to such a thing as happening, science as designed, follows with a pattern conceived to quantify and package a tangible formula. (And that can be highly improbable on the first attempt.)

Science is not designed to assign reality. Rather, science is the refinement of non-form to a conforming signature. Thus, leaving the bulk of creation on the table awaiting assignment. And all subsequent equations are a reduction of an irreducible whole.

We are creation eternal exploring our nature in the present domain.

To become aware, one must allow the flow and brave the current to find the deepest channel. There are no answers, there is only knowing. And that too is relative.

To be and become, we start where we are and ask to know more. To that end, it is a new beginning in intentional co-creation with the One (source in whatever term you may define) in all presence, becoming aware that one can indeed ask to know more.

Answers are given. You will then determine. Are they yours?
Nothing sticks until you claim it.

No thing here is what it seems.

Creation = As above, So below = Unified Flow.


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