Penny Kelly – 2016 prediction or projection? She saw whomever was elected president in 2016… “run out of town on a rail” … Did she nail it? ET, Consciousness, Kundalini

What about the world of a schizophrenic? Maybe it’s as real as our world. Maybe we cannot say that we are in touch with reality and he is not, but should instead say, His reality is so different from ours that he can’t explain his to us, and we can’t explain ours to him.

The problem, then, is that if subjective worlds are experienced too differently, there occurs a breakdown in communication … and there is the real illness.” – Philip K. Dick. Choosing favorite PKD stories, The Guardian.

In 2017 (late 2016 – early 2017), I did two interviews with Penny Kelly and she talked about a big upheaval connected to the president (*whomever was elected in 2016). I think she only offers details on that topic in the Empower Radio interview, linked below.

In the KCMO interview, Penny Kelly shares her extraordinary experience of Kundalini Awakening and an encounter with the “Men in Robes”. She relates a fascinating ability of being able to enter into two states of consciousness at the same time. Explore: Volume One of her book on Consciousness

– Helpful information and resources if you are experiencing or have experienced a Kundalini shift/awakening: Link.

When my guides [1998] told me they needed to help me increase my vibration and activate kundalini energy, it included 18 weekly visits with an energy practitioner. My process was nothing like the intensity Penny describes. It was a gentle transition and an interesting assortment of unexplained and synchronistic encounters. I increased my PSI insight and channeled with less discomfort.

I was guided to use Hematite to manage energy headaches. Channeling increased the vibration and gave me a tremendous energy boost during my sessions but the after effect – until I became accustomed to the increase – was usually an intense headache that did not respond to any sort of pill.

My mother gave me a necklace she had for at least twenty years (compatible energy) and I wore that after a channeling session to decompress. I had tried to buy a different necklace – custom made by a Native American energy worker I liked. I was surprised (as was she) when that necklace and a companion bracelet, rather than cooling, felt like it was burning my skin. Our energy was not in sync. That was part of my learning curve.

Back to Penny. An after effect of her Kundalini shift? She knows what you’re thinking.

Penny also talked about taking her mother to the “other side” in preparation for her transition in hopes of easing the fear and giving her a preview of life after death. After the experience with her mom, she says she started “ferrying people over to the other side.” 1/Penny Kelly/Wendy’s Coffeehouse Archives

In the second interview, we talked about how incredibly powerful we are when we focus our thoughts on intentional manifesting. 2/New Consciousness with Penny KellyConscious Living with Wendy Garrett on Empower Radio.

Note: At 51:00, Penny mentions an exercise she did that involved looking into the future. That’s where she mentions the person – whomever happened to be elected and assumed the role of president in 2017 – “getting run out of Washington on a rail”… Prophecy or metaphor?

Only now, in 2020, with racial tensions escalating amid worldwide pandemic disruption and chaos do current events suggest the potential of prophecy fulfillment.

Cue: ‘O Brother, Where Art Thou‘/Rotten Tomatoes. Or just sing along. YouTube.

Trivia: George Clooney was practised his singing for weeks…only to be dubbed by country blues singer Dan Tyminski. (No offense George, Dan is fantastic. 2020 music Link.)
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Entertainment notes – Current films on UFO, Contact, Experiencers. Non-Fiction and Fiction.

(Rent) 2020 – Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind: Contact Has Begun. Amazon Link.
– Free preview: Bijou, the Extraterrestrial Visitor. Dr. Steven Greer. Link.
(Rent) 2017 – UnacknowledgedAmazon Link.
(Avail w/Prime) 2016 – Travis – The True Story of Travis Walton. Amazon Link.

Here are some I have seen and recommend:
(Avail w/Prime) Documentary 2017 – E.T. Contact: They Are HereAmazon Link.
(Avail w/Prime) Drama 2020 – *The Vast of NightAmazon Link. *Reviewers love it too. Vulture.
– Free YouTube, Contact and CE-5 (Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind.) Dr. Steven Greer and Dr. Russell Targ on Remote Viewing and the Science of Consciousness. Part 2: Link.
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*Original post on Penny Kelly. Link.

Wendy’s Coffeehouse – 5/30/20, 8p CST, KCMO 710 AM Talk Radio, Brian Bland – Sasquatch BC

Stay Curious. 
Be well.

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