OBEs, Contact, Knowing, Remembering. There are no lesser beings.

“Who would then deny that when I am sipping tea in my tearoom I am swallowing the whole universe with it and that this very moment of my lifting the bowl to my lips is eternity itself transcending time and space?”
― Daisetz Teitaro Suzuki, Zen and Japanese Culture

Front and center now revealed, a collective vice to overcome. That vice is Judgement. In form and non-form, no lesser beings exist.

Why it took me years to apply my experience to other events in my life – is an example of how caught up we are in the moment and the illusion that the body is the central house of our being. What could have been even more life-changing if I had put it into practical application was a revelation during meditation in 1987.

It was midday and I was totally relaxed and comfortable, lying on the bed, allowing my mind to become free and clear, floating in the ether. I have no memory of leaving the body. What sticks is the moment I “awoke” hovering just under the ceiling in the corner of the room. But it was more than that. My perspective had expanded. I was conscious simultaneously in three places.

In one state of awareness was a “me“ that hovered just below the ceiling about 10 feet away from my physical body on the bed. From there I could see another “me” that was a yellow-gold ball of pulsating light, hovering inches above the solar plexus of my body, from which I also had the ability to ‘see’ my body “me” on the bed directly beneath.

I studied the face of the person with her eyes closed and marveled how I could ‘see’ her and be “me” as a glowing ball of light.

Recognition … All is One

It was so completely beyond words – the triune state that gave me three different perspectives. I could see from the ceiling, a body and a glowing orb. And in each I felt sensation of knowing all were a part of my awareness.

However, I did not feel an attachment to either the glowing orb or the body. Where I felt most embedded was in the state that hovered nearby – viewing and trying to discern the relevance of the other two forms.

I decided that whatever was doing the thinking was the conscious form and the source that might be able to access greater awareness. The golden or fireball state, I surmised must be my spirit form, aware but not attached to either physical or consciousness in such a fashion to consider itself as Ego or singular element.

(In a later experience, the guides dissolved me from that yellow-gold, fireball orb state into a merging with All-that-Is. Although only momentary – and time does not relate to this – there is no greater bliss.)

Had I fully integrated that knowing of having been in an altered triune conscious/awareness state and experienced with my heart rather than eyes, that orbs and other energy/life forms also have interconnected consciousness, I might have been quicker in making other related and necessary corrections in my thinking. I did have an expression for my altered state – I knew I had experienced awareness of the Trinity.

The blinking and flickering action of my nightlights indicates the presence of an independent and sentient source. That source activates the light to attract attention and indicate presence. There may or may not be transmission of thoughts. I can choose to engage or not. The transmission can be tiring and overwhelming if I am not prepared to engage.

The connection is ever-present – even and especially when it douses the light. The energy/entity/thought form exists without need of a physical – biological form.

What has been described to me, telepathically by the non-form conscious (non-corporeal) being I refer to as the Energy, is that I am witnessing a bioelectric response and we are connected through bioenergy, compatible in frequency and vibration. (We are electric. Thoughts are electric.)

In other words, I have made myself aware and am receptive to this form of “contact”. As such, the connection that started in December of 1997 has been maintained for over 2 decades because I was receptive and willing to learn how to remain open to the flow by becoming a conscious channel.

Referencing that specific meditation experience, I can expand my knowing to allow that any being with whom I am in contact might also share a similar tri-fold state of awareness. Mind-Body-Spirit. United in consciousness.

Beyond that – as I have learned to connect with others – some of whom are not recognized or acknowledged by conventional/mainstream standards as existing in “reality” at the present time. Only because they cannot see them.

I believe (and have encountered) there are many entities with whom we can connect who shift from physical, light and energy form to engage us and interact if and when we are receptive.

As our species upgrades into awareness of our multidimensional being, we will graduate to higher levels of recognition, acknowledgement and relationship with inter-dimensional and inter-galactic travelers and others just beginning to register on this plane.

A first step is in acknowledging that each and every being – as is presented among us – is more than a physical vessel. When we step out of our boxes of convention, we will expand our definitions to allow being is not confined to a physical vessel nor lacking when failing to conform to pre-set societal standards.

Consciousness allows us to connect to the greater whole where all and one reflect in source and knowing is light-years beyond logic. So much so that it resembles magic. And we are here – baby stepping our journey to the stars from which we come.

Ask for that which will assist your growth in spirit form, remember what you chose to forget. Truth revealed, nothing here is what it seems. All is so much more. Expand your vision to embrace untold wonders worth knowing.

As I write, I check to see the light flickering, glowing, blinking, flashing. I envision a wink and a nod. Minus physical words, in that steadfast vibratory glow, I sense encouragement and I tune in. When I am in sync and receptive – a phrase emerges. It says – “You cannot write GOD.”

Indeed, I counter. There are no words, but you/I can experience and express GOD when you/I engage with heart. No doors are closed to those with open hearts. That is all we have come to relearn and remember. With two words – I affirm. Aho and Aloha. United in heart, All is One.

Off and on it goes, the blinking light. Engaged to the enigma of everyday magic in my life, I write. Ever wondering at the source, imagination soaring … reaching out – and beyond.

Like a firefly, I glow.

… talking to Nightlights.

  • An Introduction to Zen Buddhism. PBS.
  • Spirit Animal: Turkey. Abundance. Connection to Earth. Link.
  • METAHUMAN: Deepak Chopra.
  • Out-of-Body travels as chronicled in the books “Multidimensional Man” and “Vistas of Infinity” by Jurgen Ziewe. YouTube Link.

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