Unseen Allies, Spirit Communication, ET Predictions and Precog. Outliving the Chess game in progress.

“I know there is a reason for everything. Perhaps at the moment that an event occurs we have neither the insight nor the foresight to comprehend the reason, but with time and patience it will come to light.” – Source: Many Lives, Many Masters, Brian L. Weiss, M.D.

They (Guides) told me not to prejudge, to remain neutral to allow the message through in the highest form, but I still tend to hesitate when it seems the information might have the potential for massive negative blowback.

However, I have learned, in receiving decades of channeled messages, the blowback factor is relative as the information – and whatever subsequent reality shift – still plays out. The information doesn’t belong to me nor does it originate from me.

The greatest frustration is in the nature of the content being simply a statement of upcoming shifts in the timeline that do not allow any form of avoidance.

Information given is an accounting of events that are in some fashion pre-ordained and deemed necessary on a grander scale above and beyond Human oversight/input.

Depending upon the event, it can be viewed and experienced as quite calamitous and chaotic from our perspective, when caught up in the current as the overseers direct their pieces on the Chess board.

Those pieces represent massive numbers of species on the manifest plane. Humans are included in those numbers and no lesser or greater than any other piece on the board.

Last Fall – the messages started taking form, suggesting change on a massive scale. Some were more direct. What to do with the information? As you can see now, I sat on it, wondering what good it could do when there was no concrete definition of the upcoming “change” or suggestion of how one might avoid or prepare to weather the storm.

# # #

Journal, 10/22/19. Absolute quiet. At some point during the night I realize it is incredibly still – almost like there is no noise at all. Anywhere. I think it might have been because my ears had no ringing. A first time I can remember for that in a long time.

Transmission. I write the words: “There are massive changes underway and none can appreciate the magnitude of this shift until it is seen.

When you realize just how much effort has gone into the preparations it will become clear the need for the generations of studies and planning. It isn’t a gradual shift – it is an overnight and complete upside down of everything you have known up to this point and that is a huge adjustment.

As the one who had three heart attacks can attest (Reference to ET Experiencer John Foster.) it doesn’t go over well – but there is nothing that can be done to stop or circumvent and that is what is so disturbing – the powers that be are unable to challenge and control that which they cannot see or fathom.

The action is necessary because there are too many who are disrupting and changing the status for habitable life on this planet and that in your galaxy. They are not part of the future plane. And this is a very easy fix.

You (Specifying the Human species. The term ‘you’ does not indicate a reference to me. I simply channel the words.) will go forward – there are some needed who can tell the tale. That is a very important piece of the puzzle too.”

# # #

You can get up to speed on this content by researching Experiencers who have been told about ‘earth change’ events and received references to the “shift” … Many have tried to apply it to a ‘pole shift’ and I have been given that information as well. However, in this situation, the more resonant application is a shift in consciousness.

I was recently guided to a unique and very timely podcast from Bright Garlick. On October 2, 2019, he posted a dialogue from an ET source he refers to as Dude. The conversation directly addresses a civilization nearly wiped out by a global pandemic. Worth listening. It will sound very familiar. Link.

# # #

Decades in the making, this upheaval, like so many others in the past we are aware of and multiple past upheaval events in our ‘pre-history’ – from which no writing existed, a past that survives in the stories carried by elders in oral form.

This re-set is no secret, but the nature and purpose has been effectively buried as generations left the fields for the cities and lost their pre-tech roots. This shift is a reflection that counters the imbalance.

As all denser forms go up and under, foam rises.

# # #

That is why I am reluctant to offer their transmissions, they operate on a level designed to intentionally obscure the outcome. They avoid providing insight that might suggest a clear cut path and leave that final sentence open to interpretation, allowing a non-interference, free-will originated response.

That practice is their way of saying – only those who do their homework are allowed to stay in the game.

# # #

Questions. “This shift is a reflection that counters the imbalance.” Was there a hint in the use of the word ‘reflection’? What is the source of that reflection? Have we beaten this obstacle course before? Is that mirror world serving as a guiding light? Are we shown what we don’t want to create that which we do?

# # #

Response. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. There is no perfect path. There is your path. There is one question that does matter. “Who am I?”

You have your unique answers. Level up and remember.


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