Where to focus: Substitute Outcome for Obstacle.

In progress, the work.

It is a thing that you value most. The power of knowing the future. And yet, there is no future. You are the one who determines the future and that is it’s own mystery and a result of all elements in play. To predict, one must know what his thoughts have brought to the equation and then the future is an afterthought at present. All things are possible when you allow the elements to realign and flow. Aloha.

Too often there is a sense that timing has been off or things should not have happened in a certain order. Rather than dwell on the imperfection you apply to that scenario – shift and know all happens for a reason and reasons you do not know exist for this state of being. Rather than ask why, ask how.

It is not a failure to resist an action and ask for more information or simply delay. There is a flow, and when things are in alignment, the action presents itself. Your answers are given as if they had been in place all along – that is an illusion. You were coagulating and coalescing and presenting yourself with options as the result was being created.

When you took action, the solution was presented in perfect sync with the moment – but that moment did not exist until you created an outcome. Again – the question is not ‘why do I need to fix this?’. The question is ‘how can I fix this?’. And then the results are assembled in the right place at the right time. Your sense of timing is allowing that answer to appear.

All is well. No rush. Trust. When you are ready – the answer appears.

Flow, harmony, frequency and divine order. There are no accidents. There is learning to adapt and allow the natural order and then – miracles are you.

When you think you have made a mistake in non-action or delay, it can be challenging because the thoughts then create obstacles. Rather – allow the time for the universe to present you with alternatives and potentials and continue to hold the thought as a possibility and that keeps everything in flow.

Do not become engaged in worry or conflict. Allow all things come to those who are in alignment with the present. See the outcome as growing in place and that allowing will bear fruit. Aloha. Trust. Create and then walk on. All is well.

# # #

A couple of years ago, I had a powerful dream/vision that prefaced in precise images and actions, this final paragraph. I kept working with and revisiting that dream to better understand, if possible, the intent and meaning. Even when I thought I knew the basis, the accompanying epiphany from the description given now is mind shattering. All the elements just synced on multiple planes.

The dream: A man has arrived in a black limo. Purposefully, he strides up to me – broad grin on his face. Gesturing he has something to give me, I hold out my hands. He deposits a present [about the size of my hand], wrapped and decorated with a red bow in my left hand. In the right hand, he deposits a healthy celery start that is growing from the previous stalk. He smiles with a twinkle in his eye – making direct eye contact – and gives me a knowing look. He then turns on his heel, returns to the car and departs.

I am left in astonishment, standing in wonder at how I am supposed to determine the significance of these two gifts.

# # #

The visitor in the dream was the renowned and incredibly gifted Psychic/Medium, Alex Tanous (deceased). I had been reading his biography when he appeared in the dream state. Yet, in that state, he seemed life like, solid and incredibly real [or even more so]. It was as if we were in my daytime environment.

Sensations were vibrant and electric. I felt enthusiasm and excitement at his arrival, like this was an important event and I was honored that he would contact me. I was also thrilled that he would present me with a gift. And it seemed that he gave me two gifts.

But this was no ordinary transaction. What he presented to me was knowing without words. The images represented a method of interpreting the manifesting process. That encounter was intended as a learning prompt. It required integration and embodiment to unwrap an understanding of the manifest reality in flow.

One dream interpreter suggested the dream meant the ‘arrival of gifts from spirit’. The channeled information from the guides actually takes it a step further in offering an explicit illustration that allows for a more definitive, even yet evolving, interpretation of that dream imagery.

While ‘arrival of gifts from spirit’ is equally relevant, I very much appreciate the visual the guides have offered. In continuing my homework and following the trail, I found the lede. (As it is presented in the headline above.)

Trust. Endure. Persist. Avoid jumping to conclusions. Truth will out. For reasons unknown and unfathomable on this plane, Truth works on its own timeline.

Rather than set in stone, Truth unfolds, the gift that keeps on giving.


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