Manifest Dreaming.

Recent message from the Guides on Infinite creation. Born knowing one thing and one thing only: “The Dreamweaver is in constant motion.”

As you think, reflect, fantasize and worry, you project scenes that, whether they play out or not, influence all of your creations. Create responsibly and the results will astound you.

Act now to improve your lot. Simply imagine better circumstances and balanced reactions. Hold resolute and steady in that intention. Allow all that you see in this moment was once a thought projection and the resulting manifestation is evidence of the nature of relationship to past influences.

Each and every scene has alternate projections and manifestations, given your ability to adapt and/or hold a set pattern of influence before entering to cement the act.

~ In adopting the ability to go with the flow, one can become the Creativity engineer, gauging when to correct, clear, scout, chart or steer. ~

Working with my Guides is often entertaining – whether more for me or them – I am uncertain. Par for the course in a recent exercise, I was reminded of the challenges presented in our communication.

The trigger was a conversation with someone about OBEs and me disclosing an experience where my Guides popped me out of my body in order to deliver a certain impromptu life lesson. I label it impromptu because that is how it seemed to me at the time.

No doubt there was some metaphysical orchestration involved to arrange for all of the players to be at the right place and me to be receptive to the message.

In regard to the prerequisite OBE state, that enables the expanded awareness necessary to facilitate a more efficient communication transmission (and is less likely to be misinterpreted) when the message is presented with symbols, images and key words.

Shortly after that trigger conversation, the Guides suggested I count to ten and they would assist in helping me to “pop out” of my body. Given what I had described in that previous OBE encounter, I thought they intended to duplicate that experience and offer me some insight.

The process is familiar. I count backward from ten to one when I meditate or channel. Checking the time, I knew I had an hour to meditate and proceeded to relax and count down from ten to one. Several minutes later, I open my eyes thinking I have somehow fallen asleep. I am vaguely aware of a blank nothingness and no dream. And for some odd reason, I have no memory of counting down any further than eight.

Wondering how I could have lost my focus so quickly, I decided I needed to relax more. I reset and began the countdown again. Dejavu. Once again I realize I have somehow fallen asleep and have no memory of counting down any further than seven or eight.

What the heck is happening? Is it my focus? Third time’s a charm. Again I reset and relax. Quick glance at the clock. Still half an hour left.

It happened again. Times three. Alert, eyes open, I can’t remember what number I stopped at. The point is finally getting across. Just to be sure, I go through the process a fourth time and count from ten to one with no problem. No popping out now because I am fully awake and present with every number.

So, after having been popped out three times, it becomes clear there was a complication I failed to anticipate. Unlike the previous OBE-meeting-with-my-guides-engagement when the hypnotherapist and a friend were present, I didn’t have anyone to ground me and help me stay connected to the physical plane. My sensing of the void and a blank nothingness of the in-between resulted in a startle effect that prompted me to wake up.

That would be the funny (ha, ha) part.

Rather the anticipated OBE reconnect with my Guides, I got a demonstration and a refresher on how effective their methods can be when they choose to assist in redirecting my attention. I was ready but not prepared for the result.

And the lesson of that exercise is that I am to put additional effort into expanding my awareness and maintaining focus when experiencing unanticipated and unfamiliar results. The goal is to trust the invitation and stay with the task at hand rather than jumping ship at the first off beat.

Then again, that was an introduction and my response is part of the learning curve.

My expectation called for a repeat of what I experienced years ago during a hypnotherapy session where I was tossed out (with the help of the Guides) into a black void and shown the seven blocks I am working on in this lifetime. And while disembodied in that particular OBE state, I could see what I knew to be my physical body, and the only presence visible to me, seemingly far below in the form of a small, multi-colored, egg-sized blob. Colors in the middle, surrounded by a creamy white exterior layer.

Nothing else in the room I had been in, including the friend sitting right beside me and the hypnotherapist directly across and in front of me registered as a visual, although I could hear them and use my physical body to talk.

The difference was my sense that my consciousness – what I call me or I – was fully and completely present in that disembodied state, hovering in the black void, connecting with the guides and informing the two I left behind some of what I was witnessing.

At the end of that encounter, I felt myself gently pulled back into my body.

Not the scenario this time. What did happen? In three successive attempts, I began my countdown and – without warning of any sort – I was out like a light. Each time I began counting down from the number ten, intending to reach the number one and pop out of my body. If it happened, it happened without my conscious knowing.

Absolutely astounded when I realized I had not managed to get past more than a few numbers before being completely disconnected, three times in a row, clearly, a purpose was intended. Asleep without dreaming, it felt similar to a blackout. Lacking imagery and/or insight, the end result was a real-time demonstration of how how easy it is for them to separate me from my ‘reality’.

The exercise is an example of the nudges I am given as prompts for learning. In this instance I am to become aware of different states of presence and encouraged to stay focused beyond what I have experienced in the dream state or in the waking state.

This is a lesson in navigating the in-between realm where there are a host of fantastic elements at play, exhibiting quirks and oddities that defy logic and are not bound by our known laws of physics.

Reality is more than it seems. To engage the invisible presence influencing the material plane requires nothing more than curiosity and an interest in knowing more. Others have shared their stories. OBE, NDE, UFO, STE, miracle, mystery and unknown.

Open the door to wonder. Say: “I want to know more.”

Pursuing that heartfelt desire lands one on the path to higher levels of awareness, gifted with abilities designed to open doors to undreamed worlds all are born to engage and explore.

Let go of the drama/trauma baggage. Release the shackles of the mind game. Envision yourself at river’s edge. The water is a pristine crystal blue. Steady is the flow. Barely visible in the shoreline mist, yet standing directly across from you, a familiar form can be seen.

*You call out with a request to assist, “How do I get to the other side?”

The response comes, “You are already on the other side.”

Let go of the construct designed to convey space as limited. Out think the box and reveal your knowing.

Eternal. I. Am.

Free to fly,

Beyond infinity…

No words. No box.





Sh-Boom … Dreamers one and all.

~ Never alone, I talk and I listen to Nightlights. ~

*Message I have heard and seen in written form from many others. I am unsure as to the origin. So it is shared here, with gratitude.

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