A question and answer session with Wendy of Wendy’s Coffee House and John Foster — Part 1

John has posted our Q & A email correspondence. I will follow up with posts as well but I want to include his blog as reference for all of his drawings and book information. His site is content rich. For any who question what it might be like to experience a lifetime of engagement with a source we still have no official understanding of – this is an introduction.

I appreciate John for providing so many details regarding the locations and dates and drawings of the craft and entities with whom he interacted.

We can ask better questions if we study what has transpired and what might be possible through reported encounters. Whether answers can be/will be given or if we are even capable of understanding the information at this time remains unknown.

This is the link to part 2 of John’s post. Another link to Part 2 on my blog.

And the link to our interview: Wendy’s Coffeehouse with John Foster October 2020.

Blue River UFO Blog - A very unusual authentic UFO story

For many people deeper understanding can be expanded under a format of questions and answers rather than reading simple document writing. In order that you might be a part of the on-going revealing conversation about life and UFOs, the following are questions concerning my so-called UFO encounters from Wendy of Wendy’s Coffee House (.com) and the answers are from me.

(Wendy’s questions are in italic bold print and mine are in normal print.) (To see Wendy’s Coffee House website click here: https://wendyscoffeehouse.blogspot.com/


What do you think about the gradual shift to considering UFO/Paranormal/Fortean events as a form of the collective/higher consciousness attempting to influence humanity to evolve and come at the UFO events from more than just physical and/or metaphysical view and seeing the events – even if it involves beings like us – as a method of engagement to create challenges in our thinking and beliefs about our…

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