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“Don’t annoy Sasquatch by calling them Bigfoot.” – Interspecies Communicator *Kathleen Odom, Wendy’s Coffeehouse 2017 Interview. Related post on the blog.

Letters From the Big Man is a magical film. Quietly moving. What in the world are we overlooking? What are we creating? Can Sasquatch exist here? Can we?

Kathleen was a consultant on the film and I interview her prior to my own Sasquatch encounter in 2018. Having her perspective and awareness was helpful and unexpectedly corroborative. When we are ready, our horizons expand.

Messages from Sasquatch: “We will keep your people grounded while they reach for expansion.” We are inside of you, not outside, as your people have felt for so long.”

‘Letters from the Big Man’ drew excellent reviews from Critics and moviegoers alike. Comments include: “It is about time that they portray this creature as something other than a blurry shadow or blood covered angry monster stalking campers out in the woods. Seriously, the special (practical) effects on this costume are amazing. In some shots, it almost feels like they actually filmed the real thing instead of an actor in a suit.” – IMDb

“So often turned into grist for B-movie schlock horror, the Bigfoot legend becomes a thing of bewitching beauty in Munch’s fable (the film stayed with me for weeks after I saw it at Sundance), as his low-key, equable approach to such potentially absurd material makes Sarah’s transformative inner journey both enthralling and emotionally plausible.” – Filmmaker Magazine

“A remarkable film.”- The New Yorker (Richard Brody).
Review: 2011/Roger Ebert.

Snag films (no longer in business due to pandemic): “Directed by renowned independent filmmaker Christopher Munch (The Hours and the Times) and featuring gorgeous cinematography showcasing the  natural beauty of the Oregon wilderness, “Letters From the Big Man” offers the first true-to-life representation of Sasquatch.”

Far from ordinary, this quietly beautiful and thoughtful film presents a unique and completely unconventional perspective on Sasquatch. Reviewers were wowed: Link.

“Sasquatch opening hearts, one Human at a time.” – *Kathleen Odom, Adviser on Letters from the Big ManIMDb

*Kathleen died in November of 2018. The prompt to revisit and repost at this time suggests there is more than synchronicity at work and this information is timed to sync with transitioning events in 2021.

This 2019 video tribute from Filmmaker Christopher Munch and the Fir and Cedar webcast is a wonderful introduction to the work that Kathleen did and how that background would have inspired the film. She offers insight from Sasquatch regarding their origin, relationship to ETs and earth changes.

Since the time of my interview with Kathleen, several interesting events transpired. Without seeking or intending, I have had my own personal encounters with Sasquatch. It started with a very strong calling to arrange a visit to Board Camp Crystal Mine in Mena, Arkansas. April 2018.

I originally thought I was visiting that area because of the crystals and to find out more about the unique and unexplained paranormal activity. Totally clueless to the Sasquatch presence. That came as a complete surprise. 

As it turned out, some Sasquatch researchers had been there just prior to our visit and one was still on site to attest to the depositing of a large log (unseen and unheard) on a couple of branches in a fir tree – several feet up and beyond reach – hours before our arrival. It made for a memorable first impression.

There is definitely a paranormal element involved and crystals do indeed have a special role to play. Kathleen was an inspiration. My Sasquatch connection is telepathic. I did not see them. I sensed them. They are interdimensional beings and are not limited to our laws of physics.

 Interview with Orville and Cheryl Murphy, owners of Board Camp Crystal Mine, Mena, Arkansas.

Worth checking out: Christopher Munch’s new film, The 11th Green (trailer) explores the rumored connection between Eisenhower and ETs. Available on Amazon Prime.

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