Under the Influence, Humanity has yet to crack the Alien/UFO/ET agenda or even know there is one 2/4

As promised, Part 2 Q&A with John Foster who kindly agreed to a second interview (linked below) and provided answers to my questions.

Beyond believing – this is knowing. UFOs are real. The purpose, many have been told, is to influence humanity.

John is just one individual who has known about and experienced UFO/ET presence since childhood. Born in 1937. He was chosen – along with multiple others he refers to as the ‘familiar strangers’ – for a project.

Hi Wendy,

First of all you need to know that I have never wanted to be well known. I simply have wanted to tell my story in hopes it might help someone and add to our understanding of the true nature of our universe. (I had bad experiences being well known when I was in highschool and college.)

Also, I have included a significant amount of detail in my response to your questions below so you can hunt and pick the items you are interested in pursuing. We can go into much more detail if you wish. Yet any degree of detail is OK with me.

You might keep in mind that I have some dementia and sometimes, like most old folks, have trouble recalling the right words or the right memories…and it’s OK to inform your audience about that before we get into the story.


This is what your questions have conjured up: (Wendy’s content is in italics.)

Hi John. Glad to see your posts! No matter how much you share – there will always be those who are just finding your information for the first time. And that is fantastic. Thank you!

I compliment you on your unique and wonderful efforts to inform others about your experiences and others’ experiences as well. You are a jewel in the field of paranormal research.

I agree that people will find the information for the first time. However, I have been a little disappointed because I have little traffic on my UFO site and lately no one besides you and next to no one have asked questions or responded to any significant extent. And really at this late stage of my life I don’t know if others knowing what I know is important anymore. I have been thinking I might close down the UFO website and the art website.

My primary motive soon after I recalled most everything that had happened to me in the late 1980s was to let other people know what I had discovered. (Few people I knew were into the paranormal.)

I thought out loud, “People have to know about this.” I thought, if they believed it, anyone would be somewhat astonished and the knowledge might help them a great deal…especially considering that there were credible witnesses to a few encounter happenings, enough to suggest my memories and theirs were accurate.

Yet, since then I’ve found that most people are not in the least interested and most of those who might be are more interested in telling me their story, which I appreciate but I normally don’t have a chance to talk or respond. But I do understand that becoming more spiritual in most cases is a quest for an entire lifetime.

I do get some hits on my UFO website but several routine to most hits are from other countries…i.e. unless you have mentioned a new article on your website. I then get 5 to 15 hits or more…but no response or questions. I don’t have the will or where-with-all to do promotions. As a result, my books don’t sell well.

My main objective at this point in my life is to sell the books because the somewhat detailed story is in the books…although, as you have suggested, some of the nitty gritty implications are not. The implications do indeed need to be discussed so that elements of the eternal truth can come out in the open.

Sages and the wise of old have already discussed it, but each day is a new age. Young and old who have not heard or read them (the sages, etc.) are in prime intellectual positions to absorb the new mysterious encounters of our age including your own.

And of course, I have realized my story is a hard pill to swallow. I’m getting old and have some health problems that have slowed me down. So I really don’t know if I could keep up with a steady stream of interest on my website anyway. You by far have asked the most questions…and I know from your writing that you too have many of the answers.

Just a couple of quick questions. Did you ever have contact with Jacques Vallee, John Keel, Brad Steiger, Brent Raynes, Nick Redfern or Timothy Beckley?

There are several books and articles written by them and I wondered if any had included or attempted to include your accounts?

–  I read a couple of Jacques Vallee’s books early on before my “flood of recollections.”  As I recall, I don’t believe I attempted to contact him. He is a pioneer in UFO research.

–  I communicated briefly with John Keel after my recollections, but that was early in the world-wide discovery of  “UFO contactees.”  He was with the MUFON and Fortean crowds and thought people like me were psychotic, or imaginative, or lying. Of course they have changed somewhat since then…but not totally. (My story is a hard one to swallow.)

–  I met Brad Steiger and his wife Sherry at one of their talks in Omaha in the late 80s or early 90s. They asked me to attend their workshop after Brad’s lecture. However, I was somewhat petrified with the thought of going public…so even though I attended, I didn’t participate up on the stage to tell my story. Yet, they were very kind.

Later when I was writing articles for The UFO Digest (Sometime around 2010 or later) I wrote to Brad, who also was writing articles for the Digest, and thanked him and Sherry for being so kind at Omaha. He then reviewed my books and articles and asked me to write an article for their new book REAL VISITORS, VOICES FROM BEYOND AND PARALLEL DIMENSIONS. My article is in THE WATCHERS chapter (Page 37) and they mention me in the INTRODUCTION. As you might know, both sadly have passed away. The Steigers were probably the most well respected paranormal investigators of their time. They definitely understood my story and what I went through.

– As I recall I did briefly communicate with Timothy Beckley early on in the early 90s. Then very unexpectedly his editor, a kind lady, began to show up at our meetings with “the familiar strangers.” She had moved to eastern Nebraska to semi-retire. We talked closely for a time about writing a book, but nothing really developed. (My daughter Kindra Foster is a professional writer/editor, mostly for businesses. She has a variety of clients …  www.fosterwriting.com.)

– I did try to communicate with Whitley Strieber in the 90s…and I attended his talk to the Rocky Mountain Conference On UFO Investigation in Laramie, Wyoming. I briefly met with him there with another person, but he didn’t seem to want to have anything to do with me. He wrote, and in his talk he said, that anyone who claims to have 3,000 contacts in their lives (extensive or brief) is lying or is simply imaginative.

I found that, throughout the 90s and beyond, the UFO arena seemed to be a contest as to who was the greatest. People seemed to want to be important which has led me to believe few are really interested in routing out the real truth. This especially includes UFO investigators.

Considering spontaneous human nature, I truly can understand that, but if it is the overriding motif, it hinders rather than helps. And I do understand that people need to be prominent if they want to sell their books. You seem to be an exception. Your motifs seem to be genuine…and I feel you are in it to truly help people.

John Mack (now deceased), PhD/MD, Harvard psychology and psychiatry professor, Pulitzer Prize Winner, and author/lecturer mentioned my encounters in his book Abduction.  And he called and asked me to be a part of his three talks to the University of Kansas Medical Center, the University of Missouri Medical Center, and the general public one weekend in the 1990s (I believe) in Kansas City. He, Fowler Jones, PhD, Professor Emeritus Psychologist for the Department of Psychiatry of the University of Kansas Med Center and I, among others, were interviewed on Channel 4 TV of Kansas City. The video of that program is on the Home page of my website. The TV interview of course is not too in depth. The young lady contactee interviewed in Lincoln was a friend (now deceased).

Fowler has help me and asked me to speak to The Psychic Studies Institute for many years since 1988. It was that year he asked me to go public for the first time and I suffered the heart attacks and first heart surgery after that talk to his institute. He remains a friend and is retired.

The institute asked me to continue contact with them for periodic discussions and talks, but around 2010 my kids and I gave a talk to the institute and I decided that would be my last one, unless I felt especially good about a prospective talk in the future. As I remember, I did talk to a very few small groups since that time.

You might be interested in contacting the PSI in your quest for deeper understanding…click on their website, communicate and tell your story if you feel good about it. Mention my name if you feel good about it. In the past they held their periodic talks and meetings in the Unity Church on the Plaza in Kansas City. Just a note to be aware that ego plays a large part of the paranormal arena at times. However, I’ve found that the PSI is one of the fairest…and most humble.

R. Leo Sprinkle. PhD, Professor Emeritus of Counseling Services of the University of Wyoming, one of the original founders of UFO Contactee Studies since the 1950s, renowned lecturer and world-wide UFO consultant included some of my story in his book Soul Samples. After reading Ruth Montgomery’s book Aliens Among Us I contacted Leo (who was included in the book) the Fall of 1986 because he seemed to be the only one in the country who truly understood. His Rocky Mountain Conference On UFO Investigation probably has helped people like me (and you) more than anyone in history. More info is in Chapter One and Three, etc. of Eminent Discovery. He and we all (including Fowler) are getting old.

–  You also might be interested in Ida Kanenberg’The Psychic Factor. She worked closely with Leo and June Parnel, PhD in some of the original research investigating UFO contactee encounters. June was the first in the world to receive her PhD in UFO Contactee Studies… from the University of Wyoming. I communicated with Leo, June and Ida extensively in the late 80s and early 90s.

Leo was at the 2001 International UFO Congress Convention in Laughlin, Nevada when I gave my talk UFOs At The Core Of Our Culture. Most of the UFO researchers at Laughlin thought my story was not true. If you want to watch, there is a video of that talk on the Home page of my website. I used over 125 drawings to illustrate my encounters. (I added the above link to John’s YouTube channel where you can see more of his talks.)

This is the presentation he is referring to.

John Foster’s presentation at the 2001 International UFO Congress

– Beyond all of that, I have given talks to some major and minor conferences across the country and talks to small groups and gatherings. I have been interviewed in a few newspapers and minor magazines, on TV and radio somewhat extensively…a few well known and some not.

I also was asked to participate in a few to several UFO studies sponsored by a few universities, including PhD studies. I didn’t give talks or public interviews early on in the late 80s because I was petrified my fundamental Christian sisters and their friends would hear about it.

One of their pastors claimed on public TV that UFO experiencers should be stoned to death because the encounters were evil and of the Devil, as the Bible says. Yet, it wasn’t too many years after that that I gave my first public talk.

Before and after the turn of the millennium there were extensive somewhat public activities in all areas of the paranormal, especially UFOs. “The familiar strangers” were active especially in the late 80s and early 90s.

Q&A correspondence continues…with Part 3.

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