Aliens/UFOs/ETs and Evolving Consciousness 3/4

Part 3 Q&A correspondence with John Foster who kindly agreed to provide answers to my questions.

“With the opening of consciousness to new domains of being, abductees encounter patterns and a design of life that brings them a profound sense of interconnectedness in the universe.” – John E. Mack, Abduction: Human Encounters with Aliens.


Wendy’s questions are in italics.

What do you think about the gradual shift to considering UFO/Paranormal/Fortean events as a form of the collective/higher consciousness attempting to influence humanity to evolve and come at the UFO events – from more than just physical and/or metaphysical view and seeing the events – even if it involves beings – like us as a method of engagement to create challenges in our thinking and beliefs about our reality?

John Foster’s responses are standard font.

You are right on! In my opinion some of humanity is gradually getting the picture that life is beyond physical. (And throughout the years I am getting the picture.) However, being an ex-research and development engineer, I don’t see evidence beyond my common physical awareness that we humans, solely with our bodies, can violate the laws of physics, etc.

Although, through my mind (beyond brain) and spiritual soul I believe I can live beyond the body and perceive whatever is out there…i.e. if I can develop the talent to do so. Yet, I feel/suspect it takes practice…like shamanism. I have a few friends, including you, who are shamen. I’ve met some somewhat prominent Native Americans who also are spiritual shaman type individuals. Some have reported and recorded manifestations photographically and levitating, for instance.

I visited the RoseBud Reservation, the Pine Ridge Reservation, and Bear Butte (the Native American’s Holy of Holies) in South Dakota. Yet I’ve found, if one is not careful to keep themselves somewhat totally humble, the temptation to control others seems to creep into one’s motives. Many of the Native Americans would have liked to control me and others.

Learning from this (I hope) has lead me to believe each individual should control their own destiny – create their own world – in the quest to become more spiritual…etc, etc….or simply to become more than they now are no matter what their awareness or knowledge is (of course in cooperation with the prime creator of our universe).

Interacting with all kinds of people, animals, and things also helps. But I believe it’s important to be true to one’s self and the prime creator of our universe.

I don’t consider myself a shaman, but a simple being who is fortunate or unfortunate enough to be drawn to a broader understanding. I don’t feel it is a higher or better understanding because I firmly believe the least of us, no matter how you judge it, is also the best of us. High is low and low is high. It just depends on where one wants to be at any one time or throughout eternal time. We all are as valuable as anyone or anything.

With all of that in mind, I have to remind myself that it was the so-called Ets or mysterious intelligences who orchestrated all of the encounters, all of the mysterious manifestations, overlapping the near physical world around us with mysterious paranormal scientific phenomenon, which was definitely also physical….an overlapping of dimensions, so to speak.

However, I did ask for it. I was encouraged to seek out the ultimate truth by my mother when I was a child and teenager. I had always felt that something strange was going on, something that I couldn’t quite understand most of my life.

So at about age 46 around 1984 (about two years before my flood of recollections) I earnestly but somewhat violently prayed to the Father of Christ, the creator of the universe, asking if I could know the unadulterated truth (and what it was that was bothering me) even if knowing would kill me. Two years later I had my “flood of recollections” and it ultimately almost killed me. Yet, some 34 odd years later I am still alive.

This is interesting because in the 1990s for about 10 years my doctors told me I could die at any second…even at those times when they were talking to me. This is because I had heart attacks shortly after I was asked to go public with my UFO story.

I had heart surgery, which failed and killed over half of my heart. I have about a third of a heart left and my doctors tell me I have lived a remarkable life for the past thirty odd years.

Of course, if you remember, this is roughly what I was told by the strange Et man who examined me as I lay on the examination table while inside the windowed saucer during the Bethany Grade School Playground encounter in August of 1950.

It is my understanding from what I was told and shown during the Sheridan Creek Fire Guard Cabin encounter (June 1957), the return of the so-called Ets or brotherhoods, the return to take people away will not include all people, but those who are qualified and willing and those who “they” have chosen. The problem is, they didn’t tell me where they would take them (us) or what it might be like.


This subject can be endless.

Q&A correspondence continues…with Part 4.

Image credit JohnFosterUFOs


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