Aliens/UFOs/ETs and Evolving Consciousness 4/4

Part 4 Q&A correspondence with John Foster who kindly agreed to provide answers to my questions.

Would you be interested in doing another interview? I would like to ask about how your own beliefs might have changed – or not – since you have experienced the things you were shown and they are playing out. Or, if you are more comfortable with a written form, I would like to ask and include our conversation in a blog format. [If that is okay.] There is very little Q&A now with those like you who have had your extensive interaction and that is [as I see it] a huge opportunity to examine more of the gaps in our present knowing.

An interview would be fine and the blog also. I am willing to answer most any question as long as it doesn’t significantly hurt anyone.

I was raised a Christian in the Christian community of Bethany. My grandfather, John Foster, was a Presbyterian minister. However, I always thought that there was something more, something missing.

To make a long story short, I do believe that the story of Christ is the most valuable of all stories in history, especially if you primarily consider the written words that Jesus spoke. Kindness, love, and being considerate of others is paramount. And faith in the creator of the universe is equally important. The key to our business is “ask and you shall receive.” If we seek, we will find, etc, keeping in mind that there is exception to every rule.

I don’t believe I’ve changed so much as expanded in my understandings. Beliefs change and evolve as our understanding evolves. However, I believe the simplicity of knowing, as in deep feeling, is the highest form of understanding or the highest form of being. One does not have to be educated, to go through investigation or logic to feel or know the highest form of truth or knowledge.

My wife is a good example of this (not that she isn’t educated, lol). One’s highest motifs are what counts. Because of all of this and more I believe that the story of Christ has historically expanded in our understanding of science and the nature of our universe. Yet the words of Christ was (is) eternally “good”  for all ages (not that other words are not important also).

I believe my understandings and beliefs have evolved because of my unique and common experience, as I believe your’s have also. Our mysterious experience I believe has led us beyond the limits of common understanding, accepting that common understanding includes modern and ancient science and the new discoveries in higher physics and quantum mechanics, etc…keeping in mind that the least is the most, the lowest the highest, etc.

There is some terrific information that suggests there are many who have completely changed direction after investigating and exploring these topics over a period of decades – not just skimming the surface of one area of the phenomenon.

I like to think we have significantly evolved rather than completely changed. Yet, I firmly believe that all of us to varying degrees have to or should rest for various periods of time on plateaus of understanding before we progress to the next plateau. It takes different amounts of time to rest for each of us.

As you might have already guessed, I am an individualist believing that individual freedom and the pursuit of knowledge of all kinds should be directed through the motifs of one’s self…of course with the help of others who that individual might choose…at any instant or throughout a lifetime.

My own guides have suggested we can learn more if we are able to entertain each and every one of our encounters, be they ordinary or anomalous and as a psychological exercise and review the challenges presented. Rather than trying to ascribe a definition or label [minutia = because we really can’t see the big picture from this angle] to that which we are exposed to – try to see what the point might be for the encounter. How are we changed in our beliefs? Is there a redirect? Fear vs. Freedom? Mindset changed?

Wow! You could write a series of books about this.

I have conjectured or concluded over the years that this is the primary purpose for the encounters. Each encounter had a purpose or specific purposes, yet many of them were oriented toward conditioning and educating me to perform specific tasks in the future for “the project,” designing and building buildings, etc. Some were geared toward guiding me to accept a certain concept, while others were to influence me to perform a certain action at that current time or at a specific time in the future, especially those particular things I was programmed to do during the future time travels.

And as you probably already know, after my flood of recollections things began to happen just as I remembered them, including meeting the familiar strangers, and seeing the land where we were to build new buildings, hearing people say some of the same things I had heard them say during the time travels that had occurred some thirty years earlier, etc, etc, etc.

Yet, one thing I haven’t really written about to any extent is that “they” followed me throughout my life as if they were an audience or as if they had just influenced me and were around when I would perform that particular action in which they were interested.

Sometimes it seemed as if I were their child. Several sightings occurred during football practice and football, basketball, and baseball games. During many of these encounters other people saw what I saw and some participated in the bizarre activity in a few cases.

It was as if they (the UFO intelligences) were my guardians who were interested in my development and education. I was told this while seeing the small alligator beings during the Bethany Grade School Playground Encounter…Chapter 2 of Eminent Discovery.

As an engineer, after my recollections, I was and am still interested in analyzing each of several encounters in detail to possibly discover or speculate more about our physical universe and how it is related physically and beyond physical to the normally unseen world so we can possibly progress to be accepted into the multi-dimensional universe…near and far.

Analyzing some encounters should give us more clues to how our minds presently perceive reality and how through our own motifs we can transcend the physical experientially (with the physical included) into the great unknown. Yet, I don’t believe we can do this without help from whoever is out there. And for me, I need a reassurance that it is all in the best interest of humankind and who we know as God.

Do we evolve in a way that inspires greater integrity, awareness and compassion for all – regardless of what the external landscape displays? That seems to be our biggest hurdle. Each has the key to his own knowing. Once that becomes the basis – one is free to address reality in a way that offers more flexibility – which is what the ET/UFO/Transdimensionals/Ghosts/Angels, Little people?? etc…. represent.??

I am working with and exploring that.

I believe you are doing an excellent job.

I believe we evolve according to our own desires as our desires align with whoever is spiritually or clandestinely connected to us…i.e. unless we become aware and resist the influence or simply referee our own thoughts which still might or might not be influenced by whoever is out there. And if we do this we of course have to make judgements based on our own understandings or the understandings of whoever is still unseen, who unknown to our awareness is again controlling our thoughts.

This can be an eternal “round robin.” I believe this is where the gut feeling of spiritual knowing comes into play…the deep feelings. And of course there are people who are clairvoyant who can communicate with the other side, those who might or might not know the truth that applies to you or should apply to you. In the end, each of us is the end judge when it comes to making a decision about the near and far future.

In my opinion, simply pursuing life second by second with the purist motifs you can imagine is the best way to live. For me, this includes a constant connection with the prime creator of our universe. And for you I would imagine it would be to judge your communication with whoever is connected through your purest eternal gut feelings.

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.

Most all is well but we are feeling the pains of growing old.


Thanks a million for giving me the chance to express some of what I think I know. I did ramble on, didn’t I? I hope it helps. However, these are only thoughts that apply to my own awareness. I have no spiritual talents but only desire to pass on what I know happened to me and others throughout those 46 years of so-called UFO encounters. It was my asking for the truth, God, and those so-called Ets and/or spiritual beings that made it happen.

Wishing you the very best……..John

~ ~ ~

John had sightings with his family. I hope to find out more from his daughter regarding the influence on her life and her belief about our reality.

Such an amazing thing we are part of … beyond fathom and calling for further exploration. I believe that is the purpose, to encourage us to expand our knowing and conscious awareness to look beyond the physical. At least that is what my nightlights experience represents to me.

Thank you for reading!

*Image credit John Foster. Note the UFO appears from within a cloud. Other interesting side notes about the appearance of UFOs is the presence of fog or visual distortion of some sort. Pay attention. These events are so subtle as to be overlooked or simply hidden in plain view and obvious to a certain few.

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